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JuneYao Airlines Joins Star Alliance Connecting Partner
ReleaseDate: 2016-12-08


In the morning of October 10, JuneYao Airlines held a Press Conference at the Jinmao Tower in Pudong, Shanghai, concerning its intention to join the “Star Alliance Connecting Partner” in 2017. Chairman of JuneYao Airlines Wang Junjin and CEO of Star Alliance Mark Schwab delivered statements over each side’s intention of cooperation.


Chairman of JuneYao Airlines Wang Junjin said: “JuneYao Airlines’ application to become Star Alliance Connecting Partner marks a key measure for it to take part in the construction of  Shanghai Aviation Hub Port. Star Alliance members can leverage JuneYao Airlines’ flight route network to deepen business involvement in Shanghai and extend to the whole nation, JuneYao Airlines will also find access to global network via Star Alliance, dedicated to creating a hub-and-spoke flight route network based in Shanghai, covering all major cities in China and Asia region, and connecting major cities in North America, Europe, and Australia.”


CEO of Star Alliance Mark Schwab said at the Press Conference: “JuneYao Airlines’ joining will give our transit passengers more flight route options, so that they can reach major cities in China along with some international regions.”


As the world’s earliest and largest worldwide airline alliance, Star Alliance has a total of 28 formal members. The “Star Alliance Connecting Partner” project is a new brand project kicked off by Star Alliance in 2015, JuneYao Airlines will become this project’s first partner airline company. This means the qualification and ability of JuneYao Airlines as HVC carrier have won acknowledgement, with the development potential of offering world top-class flight services.


After formally joining the partner list, JuneYao Airlines will be able to share global flight network to wider coverage, offer passengers more flight connections, and accomplish smooth whole-course travel. JuneYao Airlines plans to unfold in-depth cooperation with Star Alliance members in aspects of passenger transfer, code sharing, frequent flyer program, value-added products, and globalized services, keep in line with international practice, so that passengers can reach any destination worldwide via Shanghai, and enjoy whole-course exquisite services.


This year happens to be the 10th anniversary of JuneYao Airlines’s maiden flight, with a fleet of 56 aircrafts, JuneYao Airlines has formally joined the ranks of medium-sized airline companies. Guided by the target of Century Enterprise, JuneYao Airlines is looking for further development space. The setup of HVC (High Value Carrier) strategic target by JuneYao Airlines coincides with Star Alliance’s target customer positioning of “High Value Passenger”, joining the Star Alliance Connecting Partner program is a milestone event crowning JuneYao Airlines’ achievements in the past decade, it also marks a key step toward the Century Enterprise goal set by JuneYao Airlines. JuneYao Airlines will communicate closely with Star Alliance, make active planning and full preparations for formally joining the “Connecting Partner” in 2017.