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Wang Junjin: Practice of the "12345" Methodology
ReleaseDate: 2017-07-12


1 mission: To create value for the society and build a century-old international modern service enterprise. The first consideration for JuneYao Group's all industrial layout and investments is to promote social development and create value for the society.

2 "heng xins": Perseverance and constant innovation. Innovation is the gene of JuneYao Group. We often say "innovation achieves value". If an enterprise does not have the ability to innovate, it cannot achieve "sustainable development". In addition, the sustainability of JuneYao Group requires constant innovation, perseverance and unremitting effort. In 20 years or 25 years, we shall still have the ability and vitality of innovation.

3 cultures: Culture of efficiency, culture of gratitude and culture of masters. First of all, private enterprises must pay attention to culture of efficiency as efficiency first is an eternal theme. Second, we must be grateful, grateful of the era we are in, grateful of the reform and opening-up policy and grateful of all the people and things that have facilitated the Group's development. In addition, we must foster a culture of ownership as only when each employee builds a spirit of ownership at their post can a team get stronger. The three cultures are a crucial cultural system through which JuneYao Group carries out its mission.。

4 satisfactions: Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction and social satisfaction. First of all, we must achieve customer satisfaction. Only with customer satisfaction can we have a market and bring value to the society. Employee satisfaction comes next. Employees will serve customers better only when they are satisfactory with their jobs, thus creating profits and bringing value to shareholders. In today's capital market, JuneYao Group has three listed subsidiaries, so shareholder satisfaction is vital to the Group. The last but not least is social satisfaction. JuneYao is not only a company providing modern services, but a corporate citizen based on China's development. "JuneYao is ours and also belongs to the society!" To become an outstanding company and an excellent corporate citizen is always our goal. We believe that the more quickly enterprises develops, the more responsibility they should bear.

5 thinkings: Strategic thinking, Internet thinking, dialectical thinking, systematic thinking and rule of law thinking. To build a century-old international modern service enterprise is the most important strategic thinking of JuneYao Group. Only by standing on a high place can we see much farther ahead. Resources have no boundaries. With Internet, we can gather scattered resources and have global resources available for our use. Internet thinking means the use of Internet in traditional business to achieve resource integration and enlarge benefits. Dialectical thinking means we should look back and sum up our past work to identify and improve problems. Employees should put themselves in the shoes of superiors and vice versa. Systematic thinking means that every employee comprehensively and systematically thinks about problems at their post. Rule of law thinking is the foundation to build a century-old enterprise as well as the best weapon to guarantee its sustainable development.