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Wang Junhao: Running a Business Requires Long-Term Considerations
ReleaseDate: 2017-07-12


Wang Junhao shares entrepreneurial experience with members.

On February 17, the "Century Fortune Entrepreneurs Club of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Visiting JuneYao Group (Club)" event was held in the grand conference room on the 32nd floor of JuneYao Group's building. JuneYao Group's President Wang Junhao shared entrepreneurial experience with members of the Club.

At the meeting, the Club members gained an initial understanding of JuneYao Group through a promotional video and actively asked the Group's President Wang Junhao for entrepreneurial advice. Wang sincerely replied to their enthusiastic questions, "He who gives no thought to the future is sure to be beset by worries at hand. Running a business requires long-term considerations." He recalled, "In 2003, Juneyao Milk rose to No. 2 in Shanghai's fresh milk market with limitless potential. But the practice of adulteration had begun in the fresh milk industry. Facing potential risk, should JuneYao Group follow the trend or give up the fresh milk industry? We resolutely chose the latter. Giving up is the persistence of a quality-oriented enterprise and is the determination of JuneYao Group to build a century-old enterprise. It's because of this that Juneyao Dairy avoided the crisis of the dairy industry in 2008 - "Melamine Incident" and was praised as an "honest" quality-oriented enterprise." He said, "Don't abandon your long-term goal for temporary profit. This is my advice to everyone."

At the meeting, the Club awarded Wang Junhao an Honorary President Certificate. Chen Li, Party Committee Secretary of JuneYao Group, Shen Qinhua, President of the Club, Li Yuanlong, Dean of Century Fortune Business School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Professor Li Jie, one of the founders of Yangtze River China-Europe Business School attended this event.