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Ying Yong Presides over a Symposium among Private Enterprise Representatives, Where Wang Junjin Provides Suggestions
ReleaseDate: 2017-07-12


On February 28, Ying Yong, Mayor and Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, presided over a symposium among private enterprise representatives. JuneYao Group's Chairman Wang Junjin attended the symposium and provided suggestions on the construction of an international aviation hub, the state-owned enterprise reform, and the construction of a smart city. Mayor Ying Yong and other leaders responded and expressed approval while Wang was making a speech.

Ying Yong pointed out at the symposium that private economy has become an indispensable part of Shanghai's economy, and private enterprises in Shanghai can and should have seek greater development and take more action. He said that Shanghai will further relax market access and remove all kinds of dominant or recessive thresholds to encourage private capital into industries and fields not explicitly prohibited by laws and regulations and will further reduce the cost burden of enterprises, ease their financing difficulties and high interest rate and optimize the government service.

Wang Junjin said during the discussion that JuneYao Group's development is inseparable from the excellent business environment in Shanghai, "Shanghai's business environment is good because the government doesn't approach the enterprises for no good reason and helps enterprises then they are in trouble." Over these years, JuneYao Group has continuously transformed and upgraded itself with the mission of "creating value for the society and building a century-old international modern service enterprise" in line with the overall economic and social development in Shanghai and across the country, and has continuously grown in five divisions: aviation, finance, consumption, education and information technology. Wang put forward the following suggestions about the construction of four centers in Shanghai, "The government should strengthen the construction of an international aviation hub, promote the airspace management reform, and deepen the state-owned enterprise reform so as to bring in more private capital. The government should support JuneYao Group in the construction of a financial ecosystem to improve its ability of serving real economy, and should comprehensively promote the acquisition and integration of big data in the urban public area to solve data fragmentation, realize dynamic management and improve urban management efficiency.

Zhou Bo, Standing Member of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, and Wang Zhixiong, Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of CPPCC, and Chairman of the Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce attended the symposium.