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Transformation and Development Requires a New Pattern
ReleaseDate: 2017-07-12


In his keynote speech at JuneYao Group's annual conference on January 14, 2017, Chairman Wang Junjin showcased his familiarity with multiple business divisions, made accurate comments on them, and expressed exciting expectations for the next fiscal year. A new highlight in his speech is that Wang Junjin elaborated on the "12345 methodology" (hereinafter referred to as the "Methodology"), elevating it to the principle for building a century-old enterprise and the unique approach to be applied in strategy implementation, which sent the participating senior executives into deep thinking and learning. By tracing the formation of Wang Junjin's thinking, we've found that it is not a whim, but the result of a long period of thinking and practice. This article attempts to find out Wang Junjin's trajectory of thinking so that I can learn, understand and effectively implement his Methodology with other colleagues. 

- Chen Li

I. Original intention about the Methodology.

After reading and verifying materials, I found that Wang Junjin put forward the Methodology for the first time on April 1 last year. On that day Wang attended on invitation the Lecture Hall of Famous Entrepreneurs in Ningxia organized by the United Front Work Department of Ningxia and the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Ningxia. As a keynote speaker, Wang made a speech before private entrepreneurs of the Ningxia Autonomous Region on "Creating Value for Society and Promoting Sustainable Development of Enterprises" based on JuneYao Group's development course and his personal experience.

During his lecture, Wang Junjin described in detail JuneYao Group's development process, transformation and upgrading, industrial layout and corporate culture of "creating value society and building a century-old international modern service enterprise" centered round the framework of "one-sentence mission, two Heng Xins, three cultures, four satisfactions and five thinkings. At that time, he didn't bring the framework to the level of methodology. JuneYao News only reported this event in a short article in April last year.

Let's trace further back to Wang Junjin 's original intention: Running a business must let conscience be the guide. After the enterprise grew to a large scale, Wang Junjin began to think about sustainable development, so he often mentioned "constant ambition". Oral mentioning of this word was even earlier. A research of Wang's "constant ambition" at baidu shows that the earliest record was a news report on December 27, 2005. It has been more frequently reported since this news. Typically, in March 2008, when Wang was first elected as a member of the CPPCC National Committee and interviewed by the media, a lengthy news report entitled An Entrepreneurial Life Lies in Constant Ambition was published. Additional reports include Constant Ambition and Pursuit of Perfection and Wisdom, Insight and Constant Ambition on September 15, 2011. At the forum for celebrating 20 years of JuneYao Group in 2011, Wang Junjin made a speech under the theme of "Constant Innovation and Explorer of Creating a Century-Old Enterprise". In 2013, during a televised speech activity among 6 private entrepreneurs across the country held by the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, Wang Junjin reiterated "constant ambition" in a speech entitled "Faith is the Source of Strength". During these years, Wang Junjin also assembled JuneYao Group's transformation cases into a book called Constant Ambition.

The above information shows that through long-term thinking in practice, Wang Junjin has sought a road to soft cultural power starting from "constant ambition" while promoting the company's business and "hard powder".

II. Transformation and development requires cultural support.

The records show that over the past more than 10 years, JuneYao Group has gradually sorted out its main business and diversified its business through development. Over this period, the academic community has gradually shown tolerance for pluralistic development. Practice has also proved that pluralistic development is advantageous rather than a bad hotch-potch. Wang has always advocated diversification and professional management, thus gaining greater recognition. In particular, thanks to its over-a-decade-long diversified layout, JuneYao Group has developed steadily. Especially in line with Shanghai's strategic layout of building an international central city, the Group has concentrated resources on entering sectors with a higher threshold such as aviation and finance and has enjoyed great popularity in Shanghai and even the economic circle. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.

Wang Junjin apparently felt that "constant ambition" couldn't sum up his thinking or guide the corporate culture as the healthy development of an enterprise required a more practical and more complete concept. In 2013, JuneYao Group's more than 20-word corporate mission defined 8 years ago was simplified and modified to catchy 4 words: "creating value for society". In June 2015, at the "new economic and social organization innovation and entrepreneurship lecture" activity, Wang Junjin made a keynote speech entitled "Persistence + Constant Innovation and Entrepreneurship Always on the Road", which proposed the complete concept of "persistence and constant innovation" for the first time and integrated the three cultures (culture of efficiency, ownership and gratitude) that were always in use. In his speech at a meeting of the workers' congress in March last year, Wang Junjin clearly established the sequence of "four satisfactions" (customer, employee, shareholder and society satisfaction). At the Group's strategic seminar held in Wuxi, Jiangsu in last August, Wang Junjin pointed out the Methodology. Over the years, fragments have been gradually reassembled and systematic thinking and complete logic have been gradually highlighted. Many words were even omitted by the Group's official organ JuneYao News. For the purpose of this learning, I looked up meeting minutes and sorted out the above evolution process. I have a distinct feeling that I've gathered scattered pearls.

In a word, before the Group's annual conference on January 14, Wang Junjin had described the Methodology in different occasions, and made some detail adjustments to make the expression more accurate, concise and easy to understand. After his first mentioning of the Methodology at the lecture activity in Ningxia and more than half a year's refinement and improvement, Wang Junjin, through long-term practice and thinking, has led JuneYao Group to take an important step in cultural construction, which is indispensable to all large enterprises in transition.

III. The significance of the Methodology is the pursuit of a superior pattern.

Wang Junjin's speech at the annual conference, especially the Methodology, is an important result of JuneYao Group's cultural construction as well as its soft powder for transformation and development. Therefore, after the manuscripts of the speech recording were sent to each business division, the Group's headquarters also received many learning notes from employees. The outstanding heads of business divisions have come up with clear ideas based on Wang Junjin's speech and the actual conditions of the business division and launched good practical activities. With the development of JuneYao Group, many excellent people have joined us as colleagues, forming a rich human resources base. Personally, I am more than willing to catch up with the development of the Group and excellent colleagues. Virtue comes from action, not empty talk. Consistency between knowledge and action is very helpful to make corporate contributions or improving oneself.

"Century-old enterprise" is just a symbol of an enterprise with longevity. "Four beams and eight columns" is also a detailed and vivid description of a century-old enterprise. The great cultural contents of the Methodology can be all concretized for easy operation. Then, naturally, a system can be established and a mechanism can be formulated so that the Methodology is no longer words from the mouth or on the wall. How to explore, interpret, and concretize the Methodology into common values to be followed by all will be an important and difficult task for all the employees, especially the senior managers.

I believe we must promote and practice the Methodology from multiple dimensions such as system, mechanism, mode of thinking and habit of behavior. Senior managers should take the lead in demonstrating the application of the Methodology and set a role model for the team. 2017 is a crucial year of the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Last year, the starting year of the 13th Five-Year Plan period, JuneYao Group made remarkable achievements. We've determined five main business directions and recorded more than 15,000 employees, with three subsidiaries listed on the Main Board. We should leave our glory in the past and starting from today. Let’s apply the Methodology to daily work and strategy implementation. Let's keep the Group's mission firmly in mind and convert it into our behavior and habits. Let's unify our knowledge and action, and translate the Methodology into internal spiritual pursuit and external conscious action. Let's become an outstanding builder of a century-old enterprise.