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Strengthening Communication and Cooperation and Establishing Partnerships
ReleaseDate: 2017-07-12


The teacher teaches Carnegie’s communication methods, and the students listens carefully.

On March 17, the first session of JuneYao Group's Carnegie Communication and Cooperation Training 2017 kicked off at the grand conference room on the 32nd floor of the Group's building. 36 students from the Group's headquarters and its member units gathered together and started a one-day training with energy. From remembering other persons' names to showing one's talent, telling stories and influencing others while winning friendship, the students were trained to establish and strengthen communication.

It's reported that the training has been launched by JuneYao Group and Carnegie, a century-old professional brand in enterprise management, in order to enhance the team's ability of effective communication, and strengthen the internal and external coordination of the team. The one-year training, designed to lay a solid foundation for the century-old JuneYao Group to establish good partnerships, will be implemented under the two themes -"communication and interpersonal relationships" and "communication and cooperation" in four stages, once every season. This training session is in the first stage.

On the day of the training, each student remembered the names of nearly 40 people on the spot using Carnegie's methods, shared their own stories and listened to the experiences of other students. This kind of on-site expression, interaction, sharing and listening approach aims at enhancing the students' communication skills, and allowing them to show their talent, sincerely care for and praise others, win friendships and influence others. During the one-day communication and interaction activity, the students actively made a speech with mutual encouragement.

In this session, Yu Haitao from Juneyao Airlines won the "Outstanding Performance Award", Luo Hao from Juneyao Airlines the "Best Breakthrough Award and Nie Guohui from Juneyao Automobile Trade the "Learning Spirit Award".