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Wang Junhao: Encouraging Learning and Exchange Activities among Young Entrepreneurs
ReleaseDate: 2017-07-12


Wang Junhao leads young entrepreneurs to visit Yanhua Smarttech.

On March 2-3, the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Hubei Province organized some members to participate in learning and exchange activities about enterprise innovation and youth entrepreneurship in Shanghai. President of JuneYao Group Wang Junhao, as Executive President of Shanghai Young Entrepreneurs Association, warmly received the exchange group and shared his experience in scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship with them at the symposium in the afternoon. Jin Peng, Deputy Secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League and Wang Yu, Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, attended the event.

At the symposium, Wang Junhao shared with the young entrepreneurs the growth and development status of JuneYao Group, and encouraged them to think deeply, strengthen learning, increase the core competitiveness of their enterprises and find the new energy for enterprise development. In the exchange process, the participating young entrepreneurs spoke freely and exchanged views actively. They found many opportunities in business cooperation and like-minded counterparts in their pursuit of life.

Under the lead of Wang Junhao, the exchange group visited the Shanghai Cloud Tribe TMT Industrial Park, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park and Shanghai Equity Exchange, interviewed enterprises such as Uiworks, Phatent, Xingzhan TV, E&P International and Yanhua Smartech and learned about the construction of the youth entrepreneurship park, the FTA international trade and youth enterprise financing platform and the smart city in Shanghai.