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Juneyao Airlines Receives Its 60th Aircraft
ReleaseDate: 2017-07-12


Juneyao Airlines's 60th aircraft arrives in Shanghai.

On March 16, Juneyao Airlines's 60th aircraft arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. This is its 19th A321. In addition, Juneyao Airlines is running 41 A320 aircrafts with an average age of about 3 years, offering passengers a high value aviation experience with a youthful and energetic attitude.

Juneyao Airlines is now experiencing a shift from summer to autumn. The new aircraft will provide capacity support to better meet the passengers' travel needs in the peak period. Juneyao Airlines plans to allocate 62 aircraft for the new summer and autumn flight season. The 61st and 62nd aircraft will arrive in early April, when the number of average daily flights will reach 292, of which Nanjing flights will account for 13.7%.

In this year's summer and autumn flight season, Juneyao Airlines has mainly distributed its capacity to direct flights in many airports except Shanghai-Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Juneyao Airlines has focused on expanding the Nanjing-based domestic airline network by transversely and longitudinally increasing a number of direct and connecting flights including new direct and stopover flights in Nanjing, and direct and stopover flights in Guiyang, Shenzhen, Harbin and Xiamen.

During the just-concluded 40-day Spring Festival, Juneyao Airlines implemented 9,183 flights, transporting more than 1.5 million passengers and more than 7,000 tons of cargo. Juneyao Airlines added another 3 aircraft to the current capacity, opened multiple south-north routes and operated flights more frequently from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai-Hongqiao International Airport. In addition, Juneyao Airlines comprehensively upgraded the hardware facilities, increased staffing and strengthened scheduling to ensure safe and smooth travel of passengers during the Spring Festival.