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Satisfaction of Owners
ReleaseDate: 2017-07-12


The culture of ownership is the core content of the "12345 methodology", and along with employee satisfaction, they constitute the core content of the values of our company. They are not only attractive on the surface, but very useful. I believe the culture of ownership is the key to achieving sustainable development of the company.

The search result from Baidu shows that "As owners, employees shouldn't just treat themselves as owners of the company, but do each thing and face each customer as the company will do. The common spirit of the company and employees themselves will be reflected in the employees' each experience of success or failure." When it comes to JuneYao Group, I believe quite a number of our employees are doing that. They are pragmatic and capable in solving problems, tolerant to others, continuously learn and improve themselves and actively take up challenges, which is necessary to build a century-old enterprise and boost their personal careers and the best way to dedicate themselves to their careers and realize their value. This article is inspired by the Workers' Congress system proposed at the just-ended meeting of the Workers' Congress and will be shared with you here to initiate more insightful discussions.

 In an important period of rapid development of the company, we shall firmly establish a sense of ownership, stick to our post, study hard and unremittingly, and continuously promote the concept of "we flourish or perish together with the company". The Workers' Congress is an important channel for employees to participate in the democratic management of the company and an important mechanism closely related to the company's development and the interests of employees. Since JuneYao Group established the Workers' Congress system in 2013, the employee representatives have proactively provided more than 200 proposals and suggestions, making active contributions to improving the company's management and building a century-old enterprise. The Labor Union of JuneYao Group has put the implementation of these proposals high on their priorities and has cooperated with various units and departments to tackle those problems.

On March 31, 2016, the 4th meeting of the 1st Workers' Congress of JuneYao Group & Juneyao Airlines was held. The Proposal Committee of the Workers' Congress sorted out 14 proposals and 28 suggestions from those collected from more than 80 employee representatives and submitted them to the Presidium of the Workers' Congress for review and project formulation. Various functional departments have been assigned to solve different problems and all employee representatives will be timely informed of the implementation status. In order to promote the implementation of the proposals and encourage and motivate employee representatives to participate in democratic management, the Proposal Committee of the Workers' Congress especially recognized outstanding proposals. Based on the opinions of various parties, 4 proposals were awarded and recognized as Outstanding Proposals at this meeting.

Let's name a few proposals and their implementation status.

Proposal 1: As the business units of JuneYao Group has grown in number in recent years, the employees widely hope the Group can regularly hold group activities such as holding a sports meeting once a year and regularly holding various matches such as basketball, football and badminton to develop the employees' team spirit and sense of collective honor and enhance their communication and cooperation. A variety of cultural and sports activities can be organized by the Group and its subsidiaries together to increase mutual understanding among the subsidiaries and enhance the cohesion of JuneYao Group.

Implementation status: Since 2014, JuneYao Group has held a sports meeting every year. On November 27, 2016, JuneYao Group (Shanghai) held the opening ceremony and the finals of some events of the third Staff sports meeting in Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School. After fierce competition of matches in 14 sub-categories and 6 categories, the Juneyao Airlines Team, the AJ Group Team and the Huarui Bank Team ranked the top three. This sports meeting was participated by 9 teams: the Group's Headquarters Team, the Juneyao Airlines Team, the Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School Team, the Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School Team, the Huarui Bank Team, the AJ Group Team, the Juneyao Culture Team, the Windfind Technology Team and the Golden Wrench Technology Team. More than 3,000 employees from the 9 teams began to attend preliminaries from early September and finally more than 600 players from various industries stood out and participated in the finals on behalf of the 9 teams. This sports meeting was the largest in company history.

Proposal 2: The female employees of Juneyao Airlines find breast-feeding inconvenient and hope that the company can set up well-equipped mother and baby rooms to provide convenience for breast-feeding female employees.

Implementation status: The Labor Union of Juneyao Airlines has set up "The Love Hut for Moms" in Room 448 in the headquarters building, which was officially opened to breast-feeding female employees in June 2016. The room is equipped with 4 sets of custom sofas and cabinets in "Juneyao Airlines red" that meet ergonomic needs. The room is also supplied with parenting posters and books to spread parenting knowledge and further improve the parenting skills of employees. In addition, the refrigerator, water dispenser, washing table and other basic equipment are provided to offer utmost convenience. By far, more than 20 female employees have been using it and provided good feedback.

Proposal 3: As the toilet in the building of Juneyao Airlines doesn't provide warm water, the water is cold in winter. Hopefully, the company's toilet can provide warm water in winter as a part of the "heartwarming project".

Implementation status: After carefully studying the solution, the General Management Department of Juneyao Airlines carried out a renovation project at a cost of only some 70,000 yuan and solved the company's water heating equipment problem. The new equipment was officially put into use from October 2016. The solution has won great satisfaction and praise from the employees.

The Personnel Department is doing a survey of employee satisfaction in 2016. Data of employee satisfaction surveys between 2013 and 2015 shows that 78% of employees maintained a higher level of satisfaction and showed an upward trend, and that the satisfaction of 22% of employees fluctuated slightly in those years. Their satisfaction fluctuations attribute to complex reasons such as industrial factors and the company's development strategy. As a diversified company, we can only work harder to develop better and achieve maximum employee satisfaction. I hope the employees will play their role as owners. The Workers' Congress is one of our systems. We should use our sense of ownership and specific actions to sincerely help the company develop better and realize our value so as to consolidate the foundation of a century-old enterprise and create value for society.