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Bank APP-“Limit” SDK
ReleaseDate: 2017-07-12


Zhu Tao introduces Huarui Bank at the "Limit" SDK launch meeting.

On the afternoon of April 12, Huarui Bank launched its first comprehensive online financial service product - "Limit" SDK (Software Develop Kit). The product launch meeting was held in Shanghai Old Pier Creative Park.

The "Limit" SDK offers an app of bank outlets that can be implanted in the apps of various enterprises in a simple and fast manner to provide a package of integrated financial services. It is the country's first comprehensive, open financial service product that integrates financial service capabilities such as accounts, payments, investments, financing, data and enterprise services.

Zhu Tao, President of Huarui Bank, introduced the Bank's achievements over the past year. He said that "openness, cooperation and win-win" are the concepts Huarui Bank has always upheld and the "Limit" SDK is a platform developed and launched by Huarui with such concepts.

Sun Zhongdong, Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Huarui Bank, revealed that the "Limit" SDK has covered a number of areas including house leasing, education, medical care, travel, tourism, life services and enterprise services and is exploring to solve the "last mile" predicament in inclusive finance.