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Consolidating Foundations and Promoting the Construction of a Century-Old Enterprise
ReleaseDate: 2017-07-12


All representatives of the Workers' Congress sing the National Anthem.

On the afternoon of March 31, the 5th meeting of the 1st Workers' Congress of JuneYao Group & Juneyao Airlines (hereinafter referred to as the "Workers' Congress") was held in Juneyao Airlines, which was attended by 252 employee representatives. At the meeting, the work report entitled Consolidating Foundations and Comprehensively Promoting the Construction and Development of a Century-Old Enterprise made by JuneYao Group's President Wang Junhao on behalf of the Board of Directors, was discussed, deliberated and adopted, and the Collective Contract and Special Collective Contract for Special Interests of Female Workers of JuneYao Group 2017 and the Collective Contract and Special Collective Contract for Special Interests of Female Workers of Juneyao Airlines 2017 were signed. At the meeting, Group Chairman Wang Junjin conveyed the spirit of the "Two Sessions", and stressed that in the future, the "12345 methodology" ("Methodology" for short) shall be used as the guideline for the construction of a century-old enterprise. Leaders such as JuneYao Group's Party Committee Secretary Chen Li, JuneYao Group's Vice Presidents Hou Funing and Jiang Hailong, and Juneyao Airlines's President Zhao Hongliang attended the meeting, and Chairman of JuneYao Group's Labor Union Gu Zengguang presided over the meeting.

In his speech, Wang Junjin conveyed the requirement that General Secretary Xi made during the "Two Sessions" that we shall take new actions regarding comprehensively running the Party strictly. "Instead of making empty talks, private Party organizations like us shall play a political leading role in the development of enterprises. The Workers' Congress shall truly represent the voice of workers." Wang underlined "we shall make the most of the Methodology". He mentioned that the five business divisions shall actively participate in the construction of "four centers" and the scientific innovation center in Shanghai, and that with the Methodology as the overall development policy, the Workers' Congress, as the Group's platform for speaking truth and providing effective suggestions, shall properly implement the culture of ownership and employee satisfaction from the “three cultures” and “four satisfactions” proposed in the Methodology.

Wang Junhao, entrusted by the Board of Directors, made a report entitled Consolidating Foundations and Comprehensively Promoting the Construction and Development of a Century-Old Enterprise at the meeting. The report fully reviewed the operating conditions of the five divisions of the Group in 2016, emphasized that JuneYao people shall work with the five business divisions as faithful explorers of the construction of a century-old enterprise under the guideline of the Methodology and pointed out three main tasks for 2017 - further developing the five business divisions, enabling emerging industries to rapidly grow into the harvest period, and further strengthening the construction of corporate culture and democratic management.

Chen Li said in his speech that the formal incorporation of the Methodology into the Administrative Work Report as the company's guideline at this meeting of the Workers' Congress is a milestone in the development of JuneYao Group and that all the representatives shall put the Methodology into action. He proposed three suggestions for future planning: First, the Group's business divisions shall strive for growth and develop the ability to independently hold a meeting of the Workers' Congress as soon as possible. Second, an implementation and feedback mechanism shall be established for the proposals made at this meeting of the Workers' Congress. Third, the Methodology shall be properly implemented in specific work tasks.

At the meeting, the implementation of the proposals made at the 4th meeting of the Workers' Congress was announced. 14 proposals were formulated and submitted to and implemented by relevant units and departments according to the organization procedures.

The proposal solicitation time for the 4th meeting of the Workers' Congress was March 1-24, a total of 24 days, during which 65 proposals were submitted by the representatives. During the group discussion stage, the representatives held a heated discussion about administrative work reports and proposal implementation, especially the understanding and implementation of the Methodology.

It's learned that since the establishment of the Group's workers' congress system, the employee representatives have actively provided more than 200 proposals and suggestions. To promote the implementation of the proposals, the Group has encouraged the employees to actively participate in democratic management. The Proposals Committee of the 4th meeting of the Workers' Congress specially recognized 4 outstanding proposals: "integration of the Group's resources", "regular organization of team activities" and "provision of mother and baby rooms" and "optimization the employee discount tickets".


The Methodology Is the Guideline for Building a Century-Old Enterprise

Speech by Chairman Wang Junjin at the 5th meeting of the 1st Workers' Congress


I highly agree with the Administrative Work Report made by President Wang Junhao. The report covered the Group's development ideas, performance of last year and five strategic business divisions as well as the "12345 methodology" ("Methodology" for short). The Group has proposed five business divisions, and five approaches based on its actual conditions. The two "fives" are integrated as a whole and the Methodology is a guideline rather than an approach. The Methodology will further clarify our goal of building a century-old enterprise.

Our corporate mission is the clearest, just one sentence - to create value for society and build a century-old international modern service enterprise. The first principle of building a century-old enterprise is to bring value for society. The more value an enterprise brings, the stronger the enterprise's sustainability. This is the relationship between "us" and "me". "Us" always comes first for an enterprise. Only when our country develops well can our enterprise develops well and can the people live a good life. All of our business divisions shall create new value for society. JuneYao Group's achievements are attributed to the country's further reform and opening up and the fair economic environment for private enterprises. We shall be grateful. The culture of gratitude is positive energy of our enterprise.

Why is the Methodology related to the Workers' Congress? Among the "three cultures", the culture of ownership aims at enabling each employee to realize they are owners. From the establishment of the Workers' Congress, each business division shall do their best to make employees willing to be owners. This is very important. The second of the "four satisfactions" proposed in the Methodology is employee satisfaction. Employees can only become owners when they are satisfied. How to achieve employee satisfaction? We retain them through a promising career, competitive benefits, strong feelings and a good environment. This is the approach for the Workers' Congress, the leadership team and various management teams. The meetings of the Workers' Congress are participated by representatives. To achieve employee satisfaction, we must, first of all, encourage the free expression of views. Before attending a meeting of the Workers' Congress, each representative shall properly perform their duties by collecting the views of employees around them so that the Workers' Congress may possibly resolve the problems that cause employees' dissatisfaction. Second, we must gather wisdom. Representative of the Workers' Congress may express views on the company's business development, improvements and innovation. We shall continuously summarize these views so that the Workers' Congress can play an increasingly effective role. Representatives Rules may be formulated for future meetings of the Workers' Congress, stipulating that representatives shall collect employees' views on innovative development and strategy implementation, etc. We shall collect, summarize and sort the views of representatives by category, implement feasible views and sort out infeasible ones. In addition, at each meeting of the Workers' Congress, a view collection meeting and a positive energy meeting shall be held. This is a good work method for a century-old enterprise and a specific way to properly implement the spirit of ownership provided in the Methodology and achieve employee satisfaction. The implementation of the spirit of ownership is the construction of a mechanism for sustainable development of a century-old enterprise, while employee satisfaction is the foundation of its sustainability and a long-term policy of the Workers' Congress. Our leaders shall do more thinking to properly implement the two tasks and treat them as priorities.

The representatives of our Workers' Congress represent the employees' thinking, and the people's voice and provide true views and practical suggestions. Instead of making empty words, the Workers' Congress will vigorously promote the Methodology and implement our guideline. I believe the Workers' Congress will be achieve more success in the future.

Consolidating Foundations and Comprehensively Promoting the Construction and Development of a Century-Old Enterprise

Administrative work report made by President Wang Junhao at the 5th meeting of the 1st Workers' Congress 


Now, on behalf of Shanghai Juneyao (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Juneyao Airlines Co., Ltd., I'll make an administrative work report for deliberation by the representatives.

1. Five business divisions: From quantitative change to qualitative change

2016 was the starting year of the national 13th Five-Year Plan period as well as a year full of major events, happy events and harvests for JuneYao Group. With the joint efforts of all staff, we successfully completed various targets and tasks of JuneYao Group and Juneyao Airlines for the year. In 2016, our pillar industries represented by aviation, finance and modern consumption developed steadily with a strong momentum. We continued exploration in many new sectors such as education and technological innovation and continued to develop new pillar industries with great growth potential such as Internet and new materials to consolidate the foundation for the Group's sustainable development.

1.1 The ten-year-old Juneyao Airlines continued to develop and 9 Air began to make a profit. In the aviation division, Juneyao Airlines celebrated its tenth anniversary. On October 10, 2016, Juneyao Airlines announced to join the Star Alliance as a connecting partner. 9 Air gradually set its operations and development on the right track and continued to build a unique low-cost service brand.

1.2 AJ Group joined JuneYao Group, setting it on a new journey towards a financial service enterprise with all required licenses. AJ Group joining JuneYao Group is the result of government trust, a historical opportunity and the choice of the times as well as the beginning of JuneYao's construction of a financial ecosystem. Huarui Bank, driven by "three carriages", achieved profit for the first time, with the non-performing loan ratio maintaining at zero.

1.3 In the field of modern consumption, various industries performed well to consolidate our traditional position, and also developed new markets. The department store, automobile and food divisions of Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient performed well and developed new markets. Juneyao Food continued to develop the "Werdery" brand, and adopted the "order processing" model to cooperate with overcapacity enterprises and promote supply-side reform. 2016 saw the fastest growth of the real estate sector. The underground infrastructure of the Shanghai Kangqiao project was completed. Roof-sealing of Wuhan Hanjiangyuan project phase III was completed. The Yichang "Jin'andongcheng" resettlement project was completed and houses delivered. Juneyao Ruyi Culture signed a contract with Walt Disney (China) and carried out comprehensive cooperation in many fields and categories.

1.4 The educational service industry bloomed in the Yangtze River Delta, pursuing the dream of building a century-old famous school. Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School adjusted and upgraded its dream curriculum system. Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School celebrated its 20th anniversary and continued to culture students with patriotism, a modern brain and an international vision. The construction of Ningbo World Foreign Language and Qingpu World Foreign Language under Juneyao World Foreign Language Education Group marked the official launch of the World Foreign Language Education model. Organizations such as Intelligent School and Taoyuan Training would further spread the World Foreign Language Education Group's quality resources.

1.5 We developed new pillar industries based on the construction of a technological innovation center in Shanghai. Junbang New Materials is dedicated to the application and promotion of nano ceramic alloy, product development, technical support and marketing. The construction of a big data platform has enabled the century-old JuneYao to grow with the help of Internet. Windfind Technology participated in the construction of a smart city of Shanghai. And public Wi-Fi has grown rapidly in the past two years.

 2. Two "fives" is a magic weapon to build a century-old enterprise

Chairman Wang Junjin said that the development of JuneYao Group is inseparable from two "fives": five business divisions, our hard power and the "12345" methodology ("Methodology" for short), our soft power. The combination of our hard and soft power is a magic weapon to overcome difficulties and build a century-old international enterprise as well as an inevitable choice to help achieve the "China dream" - great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and our "personal dream" - realizing our career ambitions and values of life.

2.1 The formation of five business divisions is the result of the Group's arduous explorations for many years and the result of compliance with the laws of social and economic development. Practice has proved that only by following the laws of market economy development and taking the road of healthy development can private enterprises achieve sustainable and healthy development.

2.2 The introduction of five business divisions marks the Group's adoption of a firm and clear development strategy, which has ideologically ensured the Group's sound and healthy development. The establishment of five business divisions shows that we'll stick to our own ideology and focus on making our brand bigger and stronger.

2.3 The five business divisions carry the ideal of "three dreams in one". Properly developing the five business divisions benefit the country, people, the enterprise and ourselves. Properly developing the industries related to the five business divisions will help achieve "China dream". To become a stronger, better, domestically-leading international enterprise is our goal as well as the only approach for JuneYao Group to build a century-old enterprise and realize our "corporate dream". And the five business divisions are the platform for each JuneYao person to achieve their "personal dream" - realizing their career ambitions and values of life.

2.4 The Methodology shall become the "constitution" of JuneYao Group and code of conduct of all JuneYao people. The Methodology is the result of the JuneYao people's painstaking explorations and summary for many years, the "iron law" repeatedly proven by time and practice, and the outlook on world, values and life that leads JuneYao Group to maintain its original intention, serve the country and pursue its dream. In addition, the Methodology is the "constitution" of JuneYao Group and the code of conduct that must be complied with by all JuneYao people. By following the Methodology, our enterprise will develop healthily and prosperously.

2.5 The combination of five business divisions and the Methodology is the road of survival, development and prosperity for JuneYao Group. The five business divisions are material and hard power, while the Methodology is spiritual and soft power. The mansion of "a century-old enterprise" requires a solid foundation and material support as well as cultural connotations and a variety of soft decorations. The five business divisions are like four beams and eight pillars of the mansion, while the Methodology is its cultural connotations and inheritance. Only through "combination of hard and soft power" can we build the "century-old enterprise" into a respectable classic architecture with endless vitality. Only by converting the Methodology into the habitual behavior of each colleague in their daily work and their highest standard of doing things can we develop a corporate culture with core competitiveness. Only core competitiveness cannot be bought, or stolen, taken away or dismantled and is the foundation of building a century-old enterprise.

3. Major tasks and measures for 2017

In 2017, JuneYao Group has three major tasks. First, we shall focus on developing five business divisions to enable their operations and management indicators to reach the advanced level in the domestic industry. Second, we shall promote emerging industries such as financial services, educational services, scientific and technological innovation to grow rapidly into the harvest period and serve as a more solid pillar of the century-old enterprise. Third, we shall further strengthen the construction of corporate culture and democratic management so as to create an enterprise community with vitality.

3.1 Enterprises related to aviation transport and modern consumption divisions shall achieve new development through innovative thinking and transformation. The aviation division shall develop medium and long-range routes and intercontinental routes with a focus on leisure tourism. In terms of the business model, both Juneyao Airlines and 9 Air shall profit from differentiation and make breakthroughs through innovation. Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient shall actively adapt to the new situation and take the initiative to seek new development. Juneyao Food shall adhere to the concept of big pattern, big market and big consumption. The real estate division shall transform projects into classics and build a brand.

3.2 Enterprises related to financial service, education service and scientific and technological innovation divisions shall rapidly develop their strength and markets to become industry leaders as soon as possible. The financial division shall properly build a "financial ecosystem" of JuneYao Group and fully implement Internet plus. Huarui Bank shall implement its strategies in three areas - FTA, Internet and technological innovation finance. The six business divisions of AJ Group shall compete with each other and grow rapidly. The education division shall carry out activities by focusing on strengthening the parent school, put public welfare first and map out strategic plans. The scientific and technological innovation division shall think about what will be led by information technology in the future and how to establish a presence.

3.3 We shall further strengthen the cultural construction and democratic management of the century-old enterprise, and build a team of a new generation of employees with dreams, culture, morality, the spirit of innovation and the sense of responsibility. We shall actively promote the Methodology through intensive training and promotional channels. We shall care for, protect and promote various advanced role models in the Group. We shall establish a "talent pool" of JuneYao Group, establish and improve a talent identification and development system for all business divisions and enterprises. "The Outstanding Builders of a Century-Old Enterprise" shall continuously identify various advanced role models in the Group. We shall further improve the corporate affair openness and democratic management of the Group and various professional companies, and perfect the workers' congress system.


Consolidating Foundations and Comprehensively Promoting the Construction and Development of a Century-Old Enterprise

Administrative work report made by President Wang Junhao at the 5th meeting of the 1st Workers' Congress 


The incorporation of the "12345 methodology" ("Methodology" for short) into the Administrative Work Report as the company's guideline at this meeting of the Workers' Congress is a milestone in the development of JuneYao Group and the reason why the meetings of the Workers' Congress yield increasingly better results. All the representatives shall put the Methodology into action. To fully highlight the culture of ownership proposed by the Methodology, this meeting set up the outstanding proposal award for the first time to encourage representatives to fully express their appeals.  

As for the future, I have three ideas to share with you. First, after five years' practice of the Workers' Congress, various business divisions such as Juneyao Airlines, AJ Group and Huarui Bank have been able to independently hold a meeting of the Workers' Congress. Our goal is to make preparations in 2017 and allow capable business divisions to independently hold a meeting of the Workers' Congress from early 2018. In this way, we can better recognize outstanding proposals, and offer employees a greater sense of engagement and ownership. Second, the proposals, especially excellent proposals shall be supervised and even continuously monitored in addition to being implemented by the Workers' Congress so as to truly respect the employees and achieve employee satisfaction proposed by the Methodology. Third, we shall properly implement the Methodology. 2017 is the year of publicity and promotion for the Methodology. In 2016, the introduction of the Methodology was an important step towards the company's cultural construction. I hope our representatives will set an example of being a disseminator and practitioner of the Methodology and truly implementing the Methodology into specific work tasks. From today on, let's internalize the Methodology into our spirit and externalize it into our action.