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Making the Best Use of the Methodology and Providing a Good Coverage of JuneYao News
ReleaseDate: 2017-07-12


After a whole day's study of the Methodology, the correspondents map out five major ideas of their own.

On May 19, the annual news publicity conference & the annual outstanding correspondent recognition ceremony of JuneYao Group was held in the grand conference room on the 32nd floor of Juneyao International Plaza. More than 40 correspondents from JuneYao Group's headquarters and business divisions attended the meeting. Juneyao Group's Chairman Wang Junjin attended the conference and made a speech on the importance of the "12345 methodology" (hereinafter referred to as the "Methodology") in news publicity. The conference summarized Juneyao Group's news publicity work in 2016, determined priorities for news publicity in 2017 and recognized outstanding correspondents of 2016.

Wang Junjin said in his speech that the correspondents are our eyes and voice and "writers" responsible for building corporate culture and implementing corporate philosophy and that they play a vital role in the implementation and promotion of the Methodology. "The "three cultures" - cultures of efficiency, gratitude and ownership - are objects of positive energy for the correspondents to spread and the "four satisfactions" - customer, employee, shareholder and social satisfactions - are directly related to corporate news conveyed by the correspondents." He called on the correspondents to focus on the company's mission, adhere to innovation, implement corporate culture, discover news highlights through "five thinkings" and shape the brand's connotation.

JuneYao Group's President Wang Junhao delivered a speech. He said that the correspondents must fully understand JuneYao in order to write a vivid, in-depth and profound news report. "The core competitiveness of an enterprise is its corporate culture that cannot be taken away, or bought, or stolen, or dismantled, but needs to be spread by the correspondents." He hoped that each correspondent can learn about, deepen and use the Methodology with their eyes, ears and pens, integrate the Methodology into their spirit to become their habits and finally achieve unity of their knowledge and action. In addition, he pointed out that the most important task of the correspondents is to discover outstanding practitioners of the Methodology around them.

Party Committee Secretary of JuneYao Group Chen Li addressed the opening ceremony. He first thanked the correspondents for their hard work. He elaborated on the evolution of the Methodology and called on all correspondents to learn and absorb the contents of the Methodology from its birth and put it into action to tell good stories of JuneYao. He stressed that we should unify our knowledge and action and truly implement the Methodology and make it an important cultural impetus to the construction of a century-old enterprise.

Xu Jianjun, Assistant General Manager of the Brand Department at JuneYao Group, shared the Group's news publicity report of 2016. The report reviewed JuneYao Group's news publicity work over the past year from three dimensions - media (1 newspaper, 1 magazine, 1 website, 1 WeChat public account and 1 corporate promotional video), news release, and correspondent team construction, promoted the Methodology - a priority of news publicity work for 2017, and called on the correspondents to integrate the Methodology into their work. To encourage the correspondents, he borrowed the metaphor from famous American journalist Joseph Pulitzer, who said, "If an enterprise is a ship sailing on the sea, the correspondents are the watchers on the ship. They must observe everything on the endless sea and promptly issue a warning in case of any unexpected incident or shoal or reef. He hoped that in addition to simply spreading corporate news, the correspondents would also think about how to spread the positive energy of the enterprise.

In the subsequent part of team construction, the correspondents have gained an in-depth understanding of the Methodology through cognition, seeking, thinking and well-designed games and finally mapped out five major ideas of their own. During the theoretical part, the specially-invited tutor Wu Yiting, associate senior reporter of Shanghai Technology Post and founder of the WeChat public account "ketanchunqiu", shared with the correspondents her experience in operating her WeChat public account. The correspondents learned a lot from her and actively raised questions. They discussed with the tutor about the operation method of a WeChat public account from the target group to cooperation partners and from strategic thinking to innovative ways. Knowledge points such as "lasting innovation", "customer satisfaction", "Internet thinking" and "rule of law thinking" were frequently mentioned in their discussion and they also talked about how to gradually apply the Methodology to work.

Vice Presidents of JuneYao Group Hou Funing and Zhang Weihua, Assistant Chairman of the Group Cai Xinrong, Deputy Party Committee Secretary of Juneyao Airlines Hua Dong, Director of the Audit Committee of the Group's Board of Directions Zhao Jiazeng, Deputy Party Committee Secretary of the Group Gu Zengguang, Vice President of Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School Chen Yong, Head of the Group's Human Resources Department Shao Qiong and Chairman of Ruyi Culture Ni Qingyu attended the conference and presented awards to the winning correspondents.

Group photo of award-winning correspondents and presenters.

List of Outstanding Correspondents of JuneYao Group 2016


Organizational Planning Award

Huarui Bank

"First Flight" magazine of Juneyao Airlines

Crown Star Award

Huang Yan, 9 Air

Star of Excellence Award

Li Ping, Juneyao Airlines

Gu Jun, Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient

Star of Quality Award

Chen Qinba, JuneYao Group 

Sun Jinghua, Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School

Zhou Zhongwen, Wuhan Real Estate

Star of Popular Science Award

Deng Yusheng, JuneYao Group  

Best Photography Award

Pan Ziyi, Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School

Keen Insight Award

Lin Weihua, JuneYao Group  

Outstanding Works Award

Lin Yongnan, Hangzhou World Foreign Language Primary School

Zhang Ximing, Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient

Rising Star Award

Hu Jiacai, AJ Group

Chen Jia, Juneyao Airlines