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Encouraging the Youth of Wenzhou to Realize the Unity of "Three Dreams"
ReleaseDate: 2017-07-12


Wang Junhao shares an entrepreneurial story with the youth of Wenzhou.

On May 3, Wenzhou held a conference in memory of the 95th anniversary of the Communist Youth League of China. President of JuneYao Group Wang Junhao attended the conference on invitation, and shared the entrepreneurial story of JuneYao's three brothers under the theme of "The Way of Transformation for Wenzhou's Real Economy" to encourage Wenzhou's youth to realize the unity of "personal dream, enterprise dream and China dream" and to grow and become competent youth with dreams and sense of responsibility.

In his speech, Wang Junhao first shared the entrepreneurial history of JuneYao Group and introduced the transformation, development and growth of JuneYao Group in the modern service industry in which industrial investment played a crucial role. He elaborated on his third entrepreneurship project - his dream of enabling Junbang New Material Technology to create cutting-edge materials, to benefit the country and people and to build a century-old Junbang. He used his personal experience to encourage young people to strive for progress and closely integrate "personal dream, enterprise dream and China dream", and consolidate and improve Wenzhou's position in the "iron triangle" of Zhejiang Province.

At the conference, Zhou Jiangyong, Secretary of the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, met with the distinguished young representatives and gave a speech. The conference handed out awards such as "Zhejiang Outstanding Youth 2017", "Zhejiang Positive and Good Youth 2017", "Top Ten Young Craftsmen of Wenzhou", and "May 4 Red Flag Youth League Committee (Branch)".

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Wang Junhao Won the "Best Contribution Award" of Shanghai Entrepreneur Association

At the second congress of the third Shanghai Entrepreneur Association and the second Fortune & Wisdom Forum, Wang Junhao, President of JuneYao Group and Rotating president of the Shanghai Entrepreneur Association, won the "Best Contribution Award" of the Shanghai Entrepreneur Association 2016 for his intellectual dedication and influence on member entrepreneurs. During the top dialogue entitled "Opportunities and Challenges on the Path to Globalization of Chinese Enterprises" at the Fortune & Wisdom Forum, Wang Junhao and other entrepreneurs discussed how enterprises shall grasp the opportunities and meet the challenges on the path to globalization.

Wang Junhao said in the dialogue that on the path to globalization, Chinese enterprises must always grasp the national policy and industry rules, and align themselves with benchmarking international enterprises and strict international standards. Today, as the Belt and Road initiative is becoming a new engine for China's foreign investment, Chinese enterprises shall implement the Belt and Road spirit, and achieve China dream in addition to their enterprise dreams.

The congress also revealed the winners of awards such as "Charity and Elderly Assistance Award", "Targeted Poverty Alleviation Award" and "Special Contribution Award" 2016.