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Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient will Build the Same Corporate Culture
ReleaseDate: 2017-08-14


The "12345 methodology" (hereinafter referred to as the "Methodology") is the summary of Chairman Wang Junjin's years of successful entrepreneurial experience, and has rich meanings. The Methodology, which incorporates values such as corporate culture and business philosophy, rules and regulations that can be followed by enterprises and methods and approaches that employees can refer to at work, is the guideline of JuneYao Group as well as the foundation of corporate culture and values of Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient (Grand Orient).

Due to our business diversification and different operation and management methods, some colleagues believed that our different business areas vary largely and have different histories, so our corporate culture cannot be the same as JuneYao Group's and we should accept the so-called "cultural differences". I think this view is biased or even dangerous. It is biased because in the history of Grand Orient, there is indeed an evolution of different corporate cultures, but from a development perspective, all these different business sectors have a common dream, the so-called "mission" - to create value for society and build a century-old international modern service enterprise. This is JuneYao Group's corporate mission as well as the corporate culture and responsibility of Wuxi Commercial Mansion, Dongfang Motor and Sanfengqiao. It is dangerous because the "cultural difference theory" may breed "sectarianism" and "isolationism", which in the long run will damage corporate cohesion and sustainable development. And we firmly oppose those tendencies. Some leaders and employees of Grand Orient are from JuneYao Group, some are veteran employees who have accompanied Grand Orient all the way and some are new employees who joined us not long ago. We are all brought together for the same dream - to fulfill our cause, create value for society and build a century-old enterprise that belongs to us and carries our common honor and pride. To achieve this dream requires a unified corporate culture and appropriate methods and approaches. And all the answers can be found from the Methodology. The Methodology is a valuable book that guides us forward. 

Then, how can we properly implement the Methodology and build the same corporate culture?

First, the leaders shall unify thoughts and understandings. We shall consciously build uniform corporate culture in line with the Methodology and be resolutely against dictatorship, non-democracy and sectarianism, not only setting good examples as not “forming cliques”, but also refraining from forcing subordinates to "choose sides". Secondly, we shall combine the learning and practice of the Methodology and thoroughly understand and properly implement the content and essence of the Methodology. For example, "constant innovation" from "two Heng Xins" proposed in the Methodology refers to not only the general innovation such as breakthroughs in new business and sectors, but also innovation in detail at work such as being brave and diligent to question the current situation and challenge existing processes, standards and methods, and starting from little things and details during daily work. I'll give another example. Internet thinking from "five thinkings" refers to the use of Internet thinking not only in the business model, but during our work such as common conversion thinking in Internet operation, continuous and rapid iterative thinking in program development and the thinking of user portrait, etc.

Through the two examples, I want to tell you that we shall thoroughly understand and flexibly use the Methodology rather than superficially understanding it. Practice is more important than learning, which is not difficult to understand. Practice is difficult and what's more difficult is to habitually integrate what we've known and learnt into our work and unify our knowledge and action.

In addition, we shall teach by example and precept our employees to use the Methodology. All of our leaders shall not only be pioneers in building the same corporate culture and learning and practicing the Methodology, but serve as propagators of the Methodology that guides our corporate development and work and convey it to each employee.

“Therefore in the system of Change there is the Great Ultimate. It generates the Two Modes (yin and yang). The Two Modes generate the Four Forms (major and minor yin and yang). The Four Forms generate the Eight Trigrams. The Eight Trigrams determine good and evil fortunes.” At Grand Orient, the Great Ultimate is our Methodology, the foundation of all corporate culture and values, as well as the basis of our team building, business development and strategic layout. Our mission is glorious yet arduous; our work is not easy, yet it creates wealth and value. Let's take the Methodology as guidance and work together to build the uniform corporate culture and a century-old enterprise.