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Super i-shanghai Information Booth Appears in Binjiang Area, Hongkou District
ReleaseDate: 2017-08-14


Zhang Weihua explains the special features of the Super i-shanghai Information Booth to Secretary Wu Xinbao.

On June 15, the first batch of Super i-shanghai Information Booths appeared in Binjiang Area, North Bund, Hongkou District, bringing ultra-high-speed free public Wi-Fi to a 2.5-km-long Bingjiang Area. On that day, Wu Xinbao, Secretary of the Hongkou District Party Committee of Shanghai, Zhao Yongfeng, Deputy Mayor of Hongkou District and the party visited the information booths for inspection and guidance. JuneYao Group's Vice President Zhang Weihua and General Manager of Windfind Technology Kang Jian warmly received the visiting leaders and gave a detailed introduction to the special features of the Super i-shanghai Information Booth.

The Super i-shanghai Information Booth, which integrates four major features - ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi access, public information services, interactive entertainment, and emergency calls, can provide citizens with free Mobile Internet access of up to 200Mbps within an area of up to 200 m. It also offers convenient entertainment services such as "Love to shoot" interactive entertainment, high-speed USB charging interface, map inquiries and emergency calls to make the people love Shanghai and Hongkou District. After personally experiencing the services provided by the Super i-shanghai Information Booth, Secretary Wu Xinbao highly praised its fast Wi-Fi speed and proposed that the information booth can offer more convenience services to truly become a display window for a smart city and support the construction of Hongkou District into a smart district.

On January 11 this year, JuneYao Group and District Governments such as the Hongkou District Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the presence of JuneYao Group's Chairman Wang Junjin and Shanghai municipal and district leaders. This pilot layout of the Super i-shanghai Information Booth in Binjiang Area, Hongkou District is a further implementation of the agreement.