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JuneYao Officially Releases Its First Corporate Social Responsibility Report
ReleaseDate: 2017-08-15


Wang Junhao delivers a speech as an enterprise representative. 

On June 16, JuneYao Group officially released the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report 2016 of JuneYao Group at the Shanghai Corporate Social Responsibility Report Conference 2017. JuneYao Group's President Wang Junhao, as a representative of 7 representative enterprises of 224 enterprises that released a CSR report, delivered a speech.

 The Report, prepared in strict accordance with national standards such as the Social Responsibility Guide promulgated in 2015, revealed the company's social responsibility performance information in 7 core dimensions including corporate governance, human rights, labour practices, environment, equitable operations, consumer issues, community participation and development. JuneYao Group has prepared a well-founded CSR report to publicize the completion of the company's social responsibility commitments in 2016. The company also accepts social supervision, demonstrates an attitude of "responsibility first for an enterprise citizen" and aims to become an enterprise respected by the society.

Worth mentioning is that JuneYao Group was selected as one of the 7 representative enterprises for its CSR report by the Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations, the organizer of this launch conference and delivered a speech as the only representative of private enterprises. At the conference, 6 other enterprises including Shendi Group, Zhenhua Heavy Industries and Coca Cola also made a speech.

Wang Junhao described JuneYao Group's CSR achievements in 2016 from four aspects: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction and social satisfaction, and expressed JuneYao Group's CSR concept: JuneYao belongs to us as well as the society. He said the Group's all industrial layout and investment aim to bring increment to society and create value for society. "We will support Shanghai's construction of a national hub port, an international financial center, a smart city and a technological innovation center, implement national strategy and give back to the country with industrial development.