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JuneYao and Aijian Hold Hands with Finnish Company
ReleaseDate: 2017-10-18


Recently, the Sino-Finnish Business Summit/Sino-Finnish Innovative Enterprises Cooperation Committee held its 1st meeting in Beijing. JuneYao Group attended the meeting as one of the first Chinese member units of the Sino-Finnish Innovative Enterprises Cooperation Committee. At the meeting, JuneYao Airlines, Aijian Group each signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Cooperation with the Finnish company, as witnessed by Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group. 

In the Sino-Finnish Business Summit, JuneYao Airlines president Zhao Hongliang and Finland Airport Group CEO Kari Savolainen signed a strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding on the “Aviation and Services”; Ma Jin, deputy managing director of Aijian Group also signed a strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding with Sampo Ahonen, the founding partner of Helmet Capital Oy Ab, on the “Special Investment Funds for Technology Services, Smart Equipment, Consumption and Tourism”. 

On April 5, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Finland, and the leaders of the two sides reached a consensus on further strengthening Sino-Finnish cooperation in innovation-driven development areas, and agreed to explore cooperation in the framework of “the Belt and Road Initiative” to jointly promote the Eurasian continent interworking. Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group as the first convener of the National People’s Congress “Implementation of ‘the Belt and Road Initiative’ and Construction of Shanghai as a Bridgehead” thematic investigation group, carried out investigation while actively exploring the “walk-out” model to contribute to Sino-Finnish cooperation under“the Belt and Road Initiative” context.