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Uphold the Honghu Spirit and Walk Towards our Ideals
ReleaseDate: 2017-10-18


Recently, Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate held in Honghu a commendation meeting for the 96th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party. The meeting commended advanced grassroots Party organizations in 2017 – JuneYang Guanfang branch; outstanding Party members – Liu Jiejun, Liu Junyu, Cao Yanlan, Lin Yun, Zhou Juan, Fan Hong; and outstanding Party workers - Feng Lei, Xu Ying and Zhang Jie. They were awarded the medal and certificate of honor by Lin Ji, general manager of Wuhan JuneYao and other company executives. 

Lin called on all party members at Wuhan JuneYao to uphold the spirit of Honghu, walk forward towards their ideals and faith and continue to promote the company’s development for a more brilliant future. On the one hand, to promote the normalized, institutionalized construction of Party Building Studies, while on the other hand relying on the Group platform to explore the accumulated resources, optimize the real estate development and property services business, and practice the “Methodologies” to promote Wuhan JuneYao’s future development. Some of the model characters then gave a speech. 

Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhou Jiangyong visits the JuneYao Group

On July 14, Zhou Jiangyong, member of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee and Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee visited JuneYao Group and was warmly received by Wang Junjin, chairman of JuneYao, President Wang Junhao, Party Secretary Chen Li, Vice President Hou Funing and Ma Jin from the Aijian Group. 

“The people of Wenzhou are the biggest advantage, wealth and competitiveness for Wenzhou’s development. A revitalized economy of Wenzhou will rely on the efforts of all businessmen in the city.” Zhou Jiangyong said at the forum, “JuneYao got off the ground in Wenzhou and has set a model for all enterprises here by now. I hope that while pursuing your own development, you will return to your hometown often to give your advices on the city’s development and get involved in the hometown construction and development. Meanwhile you’ll find more opportunities for development in the new context, and infuse new vitality into the city’s economy.” 

Wang Junjin gave a detailed introduction to Zhou Jiangyong and his party about the development status of JuneYao’s five existing business segments, “The leading group and people of hometown have always been concerned about the growth of JuneYao and that will always be the power for us to move forward. The business environment in Wenzhou is now getting better and better. We will do our best in the future to bring more projects and resources to Wenzhou, and contribute our force to the economic and social development of our hometown.”