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Practice the Party Building Studies and Play an Exemplary Role in Development
ReleaseDate: 2017-10-18


Recently, “Practice the Party Building Studies and Play an Exemplary Role in Development” – a conference commemorating the 96th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China organized by JuneYao Group commenced in the majestic national song. Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Social Work Committee of the CPC Qu Xinping, Chairman of JuneYao Wang Junjin and President Wang Junhao attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Chen Li, Secretary of CPC Committee of JuneYao gave a regular “Party Building Studies” themed institutionalized work mobilization report. The meeting was presided over by Gu Zengguang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of JuneYao. 

The conference awarded the advanced groups and individuals recognized nationally, in Shanghai and by municipal social work committee of the CPC since 2016 (see table below). At the meeting, the party committee of the JuneYao Group awarded Wang Xin Party Members’ Studio, Jifeng Party Members’ Studio, Zhen’ai Party Members’ (Tutoring) Studio, Panjian Party Members’ Studio and Zhou Dao Party Members’ (Home) Studio the title of “JuneYao Outstanding Party Members’ Studios 2017”. Among them, Wang Xin Party Members’ Studio and Jifeng Party Members’ Studio showed their work results through videos. 

In his speech, Qu Xinping fully affirmed the work of the JuneYao party committee. Combining with the requirements of “Party Building Studies”, or studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building, he hoped that in the next step the JuneYao party committee will implement the basic system of “Three Meetings and One Class”, standardize the organization of party members’ life meeting and democratic evaluation of party members, serve the development of party members, the masses, enterprises, and play a model role in their posts. Wang Junjin said that party building studies aim to learn the national strategies, strategies in Shanghai and of JuneYao, as well as to learn the “Methodologies”; and to do the tasks given by the state, Shanghai City, and missions of the Group. Wang Junhao recalled his own process of joining the party and said that party members shall seek truth from facts by finding the unity of knowledge and practice. Chen Li once again mobilized the “Party Building Studies” and checked previous work tasks by elaborating on the “demonstration site work, security mechanism and leadership”. 

More than 80 people attended the meeting, including JuneYao Group Party Committee and the Party Committees of units (general branch, branches), members of Discipline Inspection Commission, party members, representatives of activists, some executives from outside the Party, etc. 

JuneYao Group is titled “Advanced Group and Individual” by the state, Shanghai City and Shanghai Municipal Social Work Committee


2016 National Women’s Demonstration Post

2015-2016 Shanghai Leading Women Group JuneYao Air Cabin Department Ruyi Brand Group

2015-2016 Shanghai Model Unit JuneYao Airlines 


2016 Shanghai Model Workers’ Home

JuneYao Airlines Union

2016 Shanghai Social System China May 4th Youth Medal Group SHRB Kechuang Finance Youth Team

 2017 Shanghai Pioneer Workers JuneYao Airlines Operations Control Department

2016 Shanghai Outstanding Party Worker

Chen Li, JuneYao Group 

2015-2016 Shanghai Social System March 8 Red-banner Pacesetter

Shen Hui, JuneYao Group

2016 Shanghai Social System May 4th Youth Medal 

Yang Kai & Hu Jia, SHRB 

Lin Weihua, JuneYao Group

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Carry down Yang’s Spirit and Develop Patriotism

Recently, Aijian Group held a commemoration of the 96th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Themed studying the deeds of senior businessmen Yang Yanxiu, the meeting encouraged party members and cadres to remember and carry down the spirit and move towards the vision of “Develop patriotism and build a long-lasting enterprise”. 

Fan Yongjin, secretary of the Party committee of Aijian and the vice chairman called on all the party members to revisit the party‘s history, learn the spirit of Yang, and asked all the party members to continue to play a pioneer model role and the role of the party as a fighting fortress, continue the Party Building Studies and hold high the “patriotic construction” banner. Hu Aijun, member of the Aijian Party Committee and vice chairman of the Board of Supervisors, called on all the party members to do their jobs and contribute to the development and revitalization of the Aijian cause.