The Olympic Games

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The 29th Olympic Games was held in China’s Capital Beijing in August 2008. This Olympic Games had 28 sports programs with 38 sub-programs and produced 302 gold medals. During the Games, more than 20,000 athletes, coaches and officials from 204 countries and regions of five continents gathered in Beijing. Beijing Olympic Games has become an event that has the largest number of participating countries and regions in history and has achieved great success.

JuneYao was authorized by Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee in 2005 to be one of the franchisees and retailers of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Among a number of enterprises participating in the Beijing Olympic franchise business, JuneYao was the only one that had three categories of products being authorized, namely toys, embroidery and headwear, and was also the only enterprise with a dual-identity of a franchisee and licensed retailer in three categories.

The faster, higher and stronger Olympic spirit inspires countless athletes to compete in the sports arena. Our winning strategy is to incorporate the Olympic spirit into the Olympic product design, plus a distinctive fashion presentation. The design of the cultural souvenirs is to go beyond the tradition and close to the fashion. The Olympic cultural products, in addition to considering the Chinese characteristics, also need to take into account the global aesthetic identity and cultural understanding.

In addition to producing, we also attach importance in marketing and sales. During the Olympic Games, JuneYao Culture opened more than 60 Olympic franchise stores throughout the country, accounting for about one tenth in over 500 franchise stores of China.

It is the foresaid philosophy that has made the Olympic licensed program a great success. Suddenly, JuneYao brand became a household name, which added a glorious chapter in the history of JuneYao Culture.

In the Beijing Olympic licensed category of products, the market of mascot toys occupied a relatively large market share. The Olympic mascot has always been an important item to spread the Olympic spirit, the protagonist to create a festive atmosphere in the Olympic Games; it is also an intuitive way for friends at home and abroad to feel the Olympic Games, to experience the Olympic Games and to be close to the Olympic Games. Beijing Olympic mascot has won much love with its highly dynamic modeling combination; its unique image not only vividly conveyed the hosting philosophy of Beijing Olympics, but also profoundly interpreted the historical and humanistic tradition of China. Therefore, the Beijing Olympic mascot toys became a communication carrier of the Beijing Olympic brand, which was the most popular in the market and most easily accepted by the public.

Since its inception of Beijing Olympic licensed products in the market at the end of 2005, JuneYao people have been constantly analyzing the prospect of the Olympic market and the consumption direction of consumers. With the increasing number of consumers in demand, we accurately positioned the product lines of Olympic licensed products in a timely manner. We categorized Beijing Olympic mascot toys into such three product lines as the standard image type, theme type and derivative type.Through such clear positioning, the three lines have given their full play in the market. The plush stuffed toys with Fuwa image became a classic type of products in the Beijing Olympic licensed products, while other derived products from Fuwa such as hanging ornaments, stickers, backing blocks, etc. gave consumers a more diverse choice. Through ongoing exploring efforts of JuneYao people, in a short period of one and a half year, the company has established 30 standard product lines, nearly 10 theme product lines and nearly 50 derivative product lines, which have made positive contribution to the success of Olympic licensed projects.

In the Olympic licensed products business, JuneYao responded positively to the call of "Green Olympics, Scientific Olympics and Humanity Olympics" of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, adhered to the promotion of the Olympic philosophy and the Olympic spirit, and achieved a win-win situation in both business value and social value.