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JuneYao is our JuneYao, but it is also a part of the society!

The advancement of JuneYao outlines China's sustained development and constant transcendent track of Chinese economy and creates a cultural pattern of enterprises in pursuit of progress, of their dreams and of transcendent.

While in the steady and healthy development, the Group actively takes on the responsibility of the customers, employees, shareholders and the society, including compliance with business ethics, product safety, and occupational health, protection of the legitimate rights and interests of workers and conservation of natural resources. In addition, the Group has successively invested over 100 million yuan for a variety of charitable activities and philanthropy.

JuneYao is not only a modern service provider, but also a corporate citizen based on China for its development. Our Group and all subsidiaries have employed more than 5,600 employees across the country, with more than 600 employees added each year. The paid taxes reached 900 million yuan in 2010. We are the business partner of more than 1,000 enterprises and communities and actively help the development of the regional economy. Every day, nearly 200,000 consumers are enjoying the super value services provided by JuneYao. We believe the faster our development, the more responsibility we should assume on society as a whole, thus, the more opportunities to devote to the changes on the society, making the society more healthy and comfortable.

In 2006, the Group together with another 11 famous Chinese and foreign enterprises with a good sense of social responsibility initiated jointly the China Corporate Social Responsibility Alliance. Group President Wang Junhao appealed in his address in the inaugural meeting of the Alliance that we should not simply interpret the social responsibility as donations and public welfare undertakings; instead we should develop our enterprise to be a sustainable entity, to make it become a contributor to a harmonious society. Wang Junhao expressed that JuneYao Group is committed to advancing the process of growth and development of corporate social responsibility in China and is willing to become a model and vanguard of this process.

“JuneYao is our JuneYao, but it is also a part of the society! “ Devoting to being an outstanding corporate and an excellent corporate citizen is our assiduously sought goal so as to achieve customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction and community satisfaction and to jointly fulfill “Better Service, Better Life”.