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Overview of Property Business

JuneYao Real Estate is a key component in the process of JuneYao Group’s industrial development. The Wenzhou JuneYao Hotel, completed and launched in February 1998, marked the starting point of the Group’s real estate business unit. After that, as the Group’s operation center shifted to Shanghai, its vision for real estate development also gradually broadened.

In October 2002 it acquired “Jinhui Building” located in Shanghai Xujiahui business circle, and injected extra investment to successfully transform it into a modern 5A Grade office tower in January 2004, re-named it “Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza”. With a total floor space of 80000 m2, this building is 135m high, with 37 floors. At present, the building is managed by Jones Lang LaSalle, a well-known property management company in the industry, throughout the years it maintains 95% above high level of occupancy rate.

In June 2003, the “Yichang JuneYao International Plaza” with a total investment of 700 million yuan formally broke ground, as a large integrated commercial real estate project integrating 5-star hotel, multiple function cinema, and large shopping center stands at the city center of Hubei Yichang, it became a landmark building in Yichang. On September 30, 2006, the shopping center formally started operation, the Hotel’s formal start of operation on June 16, 2009 filled a void of high star rating hotel in Yichang. The birth of “Yichang JuneYao International Plaza” injected new vitality into the urban development of Yichang, and enhanced Yichang’s grade. The project is 153.65m high, with 36 floors above ground, and 3 floors underground, totaling 39 floors, total floor space is close to 110,000 m2.

In August 2005 JuneYao Group acquired Hubei Wuhan Hanyang Real Estate Company, and renamed it “Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd”, which marks its formal entry into Wuhan’s real estate market, the “Hanjiang Garden” Phase 1 and Phase 2 developed in its early days are both affordable housing and indemnificatory housing, both the quality and service received acclaim from residents, the “Hanjiang Garden Phase 3” started in 2015 is commercial housing, the launching of “Hanjiang Garden Phase 3” signaled that Junrui Real Estate occupied Wuhan commercial housing market.

Since 2009, based on the Group’s uniform arrangement, JuneYao Real Estate made rational adjustment and deployment of Shanghai Kangqiao Project, Yichang Old Town Renovation Project and the setup of new dairy plant, and made new detailed overall planning for the projects. The Group adhered to the path of “development and win-win for education and real estate”, it respectively signed bilateral agreement of intention with Qingpu and Fengxian authorities for joint development of real estate to undertake school education, which laid down foundation for further future development.

In 2011, JuneYao Real Estate set sight on future long-term planning, firmly grasped the excellent opportunity of speeding up urbanization progress by Shanxi Province, through field inspection and multiple-side argumentation, it decided to pursue the road of strong-strong union and joint development, it bemame member of the joint body consisting of 13 famous enterprises nationwide. In order to maximize the development of Shanxi Project, the Group decided to set up Datong Junrui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, which put down a solid step for the development of Datong’s 172 mu land real estate project. Meanwhile the setup of “Datong Junrui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd” can facilitate the operation of Datong Real Estate project.

In order to respond to the call of the state government to intensify efforts in shanty town renovation, in 2012, Yichang Junrui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd was founded, Yichang’s biggest shanty area renovation project in old town center was acquired by Yichang Junrui Real Estate, on September 6, 2013 it acquired Yichang First Xiling Road Lot 15 (Project name “Jinan Dongcheng”, construction volume is up to 81000 m2) at a price of 250 million yuan, on January 8, 2015 it acquired Dalian Road Fourth Dongshan Road Shiban Village Lot (Project Name “Yujing Tiandi”, construction volume 372,000 m2) at 290 million yuan, on January 8, 2015 it acquired Xianfu Road Lot 46 (project name “Xianfu Garden”, construction volume 47000 m2) at 158 million yuan, and on December 1, 2015 it acquired Yichang South Huancheng Road Precinct Lot B (Project Name “Yichang South Huancheng Road Precinct Shanty Area Renovation Project B”, the construction volume is 583,000 m2) at 1.641 billion yuan; the above projects do not include the South Huancheng Road Shanty Area Renovation Project Lot C signed between JuneYao Group and Yichang Municipal People’s Government on July 9, 2014, The Lot C has a net land area of 79.86 mu, which is planned to build 42000 m2 Yichang historical culture heritage landscape street.

In 2015, JuneYao Real Estate’s Shanghai Kangqiao Project, Wuhan Hanjiang Garden Phase 3 Project, Yichang Junrui Real Estate Project fully kicked off to enter real construction stage. The execution of these projects  fully carried forward JuneYao’s century enterprise culture, and created value for the society.

Better Service, Better Life.

Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza

Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza is located at No. 789 Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai, covering a total construction area of about 75,000 square meters with office building area of 64,800 square meters; podium building area of 9,580 square meters; standard-story office building area of approximately 2,333 square meters. With a total height of 128.20 meters, the Plaza is located in the connection point of Huaihai and Xuhui, two major commercial centers; it is a mature 5A Class-A office building of Shanghai’s commercial center circle. As a gathering place of Shanghai’s humanistic spirit, it concentrated Shanghai Library, churches, Xu Guangqi Park, Hengshan Road Bar Street, Xujiahui Park and Xuhui Middle School and other landmarks. Within a five-minute walk, there are dozens of bus lines; metro Line 7 and Line 9 are only one step beyond the Plaza; Hengshan Road Station and Xujiahui Station of metro Line 1, and Dongan Road Station of Line 4 are only 10-minute walk away from the Plaza. It only takes about 10 minutes driving to the fly-over crossing and about 30 minutes to the Hongqiao Airport from the Plaza. The Plaza focuses on bringing in finance, information, technology, consulting, foreign trade and other professional organizations; lawyers, accountants associations and other modern service system had been settled for many years; Watson, Konica Minolta, Fuji Electric and other overseas enterprises have gradually settled. The Plaza has provided enterprises a good business platform, allowing them to be able to enjoy the convenience of industrial communication, resulting in the further improvement of the product appreciation space.

The C32 club located at 32nd floor of the Plaza is a business venue with professional services and supporting facilities, prepared for the meeting, training, party or exhibition and other a series of activities, which is available for rental for clients in both inside and outside of the building. The club has a distinctive 360-degree circular open terrace to provide a near view of Grand Gateway Plaza, Hengshan Road Bar Street and Huaihai Road villas group and a far view of the Oriental Pearl, the 21st Century World Financial Center and Jinmao Building, etc.

Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza has always been pursing perfection. It is the first to introduce the advanced comprehensive international asset management concept, import the concept of energy management, and fully adopt the advanced high-tech network management technology widely used in Europe and the United States. The one-on-one distinguished special services allow enterprise employees to be more at ease in the operation.


Yichang JuneYao International Plaza



Yichang JuneYao International Plaza is a large scale comprehensive commercial real estate project with 5-star level hotel, multi-function theater and large shopping center. It is located at the prime site in center of Yichang city, facing the largest Yilin Square, and is the landmark architecture in Yichang. Covering a land area of 14,344 m2 and a total construction area of 104,659.25m2, the building has 36 floors above ground and 3 floors underground, with a total building height of 156.8 meters (11.8m height of the basement and 145 m height of ground level). The plaza is 26 km away from the airport, and only 2 Km apart from the railway station and coach station and 4 km away from the pier. The traffic is very convenient.


JuneYao Xiyue Hotel, namely Quanji Hotel JuneYao Plaza Store, is a hotel invested by JuneYao Group, and entrusted to Huazhu Hotel Management Co., Ltd for exclusive management.


Yichang Junrui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd

As a subsidiary of JuneYao Group, Yichang Junrui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd is a real estate development company for Yichang projects registered and set up on October 16, 2012 for the shanty area renovation project of Yichang South Huancheng Road Precinct. The company planned to invest about 8 billion yuan to renovate South Huancheng Road Precinct, a shanty area in Yichang old town center.

Since its inception, the company acquired Yichang Lot 15 First Xiling Road “Jinan Dongcheng” project, Fourth Dongshan Road Shiban Village Lot “Yujing Tiandi” project, “Xianfu Garden” Project at 46 Xianfu Road and the provisional name is “South Huancheng Road Precinct Lot B” project enclosed by East Huancheng Road, Xueyuan Street, Mingzhu Road, and Xianfu Road. “Jinan Dongcheng” Project will be delivered for usage in August 2016 according to construction schedule, other projects are all under construction.


In the early days of the company setup, it played a key role in urban renovation construction, aiming to take part in the renovation of Yichang old old town center shanty area, and relocation setlement housing project construction work, so as to improve urban appearance, enhance city image, and promote harmonious social development.


On July 9, 2014, JuneYao Group signed agreement of strategic cooperation with Yichang Municipal People’s Government, for renovation of the Yichang old town center South Huancheng Road Precinct Shanty Area Project. Yichang South Huancheng Road Shanty Area Renovation Project (“The Project”) is a Yichang old town shanty area renovation project, it is a key project at provincial, municipal and district government level, and also a heart-winning project for improving old town residence environment, displaying Yichang ancient urban flavor, and improving urban functions. In the spirit of carrying justice and righteousness on the shoulders, it was decided to restore Yichang ancient buildings in Yichang old town center, in the block enclosed by South Huancheng Road, Yanjiang Avenue, and Xueyuan Street, restore the construction to protect Yichang historical ancient architecture, construct Yichang historical cultural heritage landscape precinct, protect Yichang historical culture by adopting ancient architecture existing in the history of Yichang as prototype, continue Yichang’s cultural heritage, retain Yichang roots, and let Yichang people “remember the nostalgia for home”.


The company’s action received full acknowledgement and acclaim from Yichang local real estate industry, which enhances its status in Yichang business circle, Vice President You Yongshi was elected Chairman of the Board of Yichang Real Estate Industry Association on November 6, 2014, he also assumed a number of social titles including Delegate of Yichang Municipal NPC, Vice President of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Weiai Education Fund.



The company shoulders the mission of creating value for city, building residence for common people, and bringing happiness to residents, eager to shoulder social responsibility, it fully carries forward JuneYao’s century enterprise culture, and creates value for the society.

Wenzhou Quanji Hotel

Under the ownership and management of JuneYao Group, Wenzhou Quanji Hotel is a three-star hotel catering to overseas tourists. Relying on the Group strengths, the hotel also provides customers with a range of extended services in aviation, chartered bus, tourism, dairy products, etc.

The hotel is located in the downtown financial center of Station Avenue. Transportation is very convenient, with only 15 minutes drive from the airport and 5 minutes drive from the train station. It is adjacent to the Wenzhou Stadium and Wenzhou Exhibition Hall in its left and right sides. Surrounded with Wenzhou University, Wenzhou Vocational & Technical College and Wenzhou Medical College on three sides, the hotel is full of scholarly atmosphere and unique in the economic tide.

The hotel combines accommodation, restaurants, business, leisure and entertainment functions, with 110 spacious, bright and comfortable rooms (sets) in 11 types of luxury suites, deluxe business E room, and deluxe standard rooms. Nuances bring enjoyable warm.

Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate Limited

Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate Limited is formerly known as Hanyang District Real Estate Company, which was founded in 1954 and was under the jurisdiction of Wuhan Real Estate Management Bureau and Hanyang District Government. It mainly engaged in real estate development, property management, public house management, residential building relocation, replacement and plastic-steel door/window manufacture, etc. The company has passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system accreditation.

In August 2005, after JuneYao Group invested and became a controlling share holder and conducted the restructuring, the company was renamed as “Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate Limited”. The company now is a comprehensive real estate enterprise focusing on the real estate development and concurrently engaging in property management and house demolition and relocation. It has 7 functional departments and 3 specialized grass-roots units currently.

Business Introduction

Real Estate Development

The company has independently built more than 400,000 square meters of brand commercial residential districts including Yangchengjingyuan, Mianhuayayuan, Yingjiang Huating, etc. and cooperatively constructed Dushi Lanting commercial residential district. In April 2006, in cooperation with Wuhan Broadcasting Real Estate Development Co. Ltd, the company built the Dushi Lanting commercial residential district. The project covers a land area of 65 mu, with a building area of 130,000 square meters, with 1360 house units sold out in 2008.

Developed such affordable housing projects as Hanjiang Court Phase-I, Hanjiang Court Phase-II and the Longjiang Garden, etc, of which, Hanjiang Court Phase-I was completed and delivered in September 2008, the Longjiang Garden was delivered in December 2009, the Hanjiang Court Phase-II was delivered in August 2010. As of June 2011, the company has developed a total of 527,500 square meters of the affordable apartment building, totaling 72 buildings and 6,080 units, solving the housing problems of a large number of people in financial difficulties in Wuhan city.

House Demolition

The company has, under the commitment of the Wuhan New District Command Post, Wuhan Land Adjustment & Reserve Center, Wuhan Urban Investment & Development Group Co., Ltd. and other units, conducted the demolitions of such public utilities construction projects as Hanyang district south river bank, Qinchuan Bridge road widening, Moon Lake Cultural Arts Center, Moon Lake Boulevard reconstruction, etc., and undertook demolitions of such real estate projects as Wuhan Broadcasting Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Mindong Electric Power Group, Dushi Lanting of Shimao Group, Mindong International Town and Jinxui Yangtze River, etc. Up to now, the company has completed the demolition task of 1.2 million square meters of construction area and 15,000 households and was awarded the title of “Demolition Iron Army” by Wuhan Municipal Party Committee.

Real Estate Management

As of 2011, there were 308,200 square meters of state-owned, directly-managed public houses with 5,927 households commissioned to the management of the company. All the time, the house rent recovery rate remains above 90%, quality pass rate of small and moderate repair is 100% for houses and the customer satisfaction rate is 98%. The company adheres to the strict supervisory work for houses for many years. The 24-hour service duty system is implemented to ensure the safe use of houses.