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Wang Junjin as a Deputy to the fourth session of the 12th CPPCC NPC for Political Deliberation
Create a Famous Century-old School One of World Class
Wang Junjin as a Deputy to NPC and CPPCC for Political Deliberation
Pictures of Wang Junjin as a deputy to NPC and CPPCC for political deliberation    |  ReleaseDate:2013-11-26


NPC Deputy: Prepare National Balance Sheet as Soon as Possible    |  ReleaseDate:2013-11-26


Chairman of JuneYao Group: Encourage Private Enterprises to Invest in Financial Institutions and Establish Deposit Insurance System     |  ReleaseDate:2013-11-26


Wang Junjin Proposes to Set up the Reform Watchdog committee    |  ReleaseDate:2013-11-26

    China Business Radio reported that NPC deputy and JuneYao Group Chairman Wang Junjin proposed to set up the Reform Watchdog Committee. According to Wang Junjin,   [detail]

Concrete Sustainable Social Responsibility
JuneYao Group: Concrete Sustainable Social Responsibility    |  ReleaseDate:2013-11-26


JuneYao Group Convenes the 1st Workers’ Congress
Ensure all workers share fruits of corporate development    |  ReleaseDate:2013-11-26

    On June 19, JuneYao Group & Juneyao Airlines convened the 1st Workers Congress (“Workers’ Congress) in the main conference room of JuneYao Airlines which was attended by more than 200 workers’ representatives.  [detail]

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