Training & Development

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While stepping forward to the century-old enterprise goal of the modern service industry, JuneYao always attaches importance to the building of corporate culture and improve the overall level of the workforce, to achieve its competitive advantage and core competencies through staff training. JuneYao’s talent development, management strategy and resource management system are all built on this basis, and keeping them updated and improved.

Training for new employees

When new employees join the company, they will accept training. In addition to the systematic introduction of the Group's business history, corporate culture, etc., the training will explain in detail various rules and regulations of the Group, management practices and the operation process of related matters to help new employees quickly and smoothly integrate into JuneYao family.

Staff Development

Based on the corporate mission and values of JuneYao Group , according to team training and development needs, we will combine the performance and learning needs of employees to provide them continuous learning and development platform (external training and internal training funded by the company).

Mechanisms for promotion

Promotion will come up internally, which is the basic principle of “JuneYao Group Recruitment, Hiring Management Standards ". That is to say, when there are vacancies in the companies of the Group, the appointment will give priority to the selection and arrangement within the Group, thus providing staff the promotion opportunity.