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JuneYao Airlines was established as founders Wang Junyao and Wang Junjin boldly created a private charter flight business. After over 20 years of growth, today it has become one of the main industries of JuneYao Group.


On July 28, 1991, Wang Junyao and Wang Junjin boldly contracted a private charter flight route from Changsha to Wenzhou, becoming a forerunner for China’s privately run chartered planes and the first privately run chartered flight company in China - Wenzhou Tianlong Chartered Flight Co., Ltd. Opening a chartered flight route meant it was the first time China’s private sector joined the exclusively state-run domain - becoming a vivid example of China’s reform and opening-up. At the end of 2000, JuneYao Group Aviation Service Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai, bringing the company into a brand new period of development.


On August 18th, 2002, with the approval of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, JuneYao Group became a shareholder of Eastern Airlines Wuhan Co., Ltd, becoming the first private-owned enterprise in the industry to be a shareholder of a wholly state-owned business. In June of 2005, it obtained approval to establish Shanghai JuneYao Airlines Co., Ltd and made its maiden flight in September of 2006. On May 27th, 2015, JuneYao Airlines was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


In February of 2014, JuneYao Airlines was approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China to establish the public aviation transport company Jiuyuan Airlines Co., Ltd., which made its maiden flight in December of 2014.


JuneYao Airlines and Jiuyuan Airlines respectively have their international aviation hubs based in Shanghai and Guangzhou, each with a distinct strategy and development position. JuneYao Airlines also maximizes the benefits of using Pudong international hub by serving Walt Disney. Jiuyuan Airlines is deeply rooted in the Pearl River Delta radiating Southeast Asia, with the goal of promoting the development of tourism and the construction of the transportation network between China and Southeast Asia.


In the process of transforming into a modern service industry, JuneYao Airlines and Jiuyuan Airlines extensively use e-commerce platforms and new media platforms to provide customers with safe and comfortable travel services.


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