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Talent is the most important resource, and a good working environment is an important factor in retaining talent. The environment mentioned here includes both hardware and software. The hardware refers to the office environment and office facilities etc. A good working environment can not only improve the efficiency of the staff, but also to ensure the health of employees. The software mainly refers to the corporate culture and working atmosphere. Corporate culture can enhance the centripetal force of the enterprise, and motivate staff to produce greater synergy, thereby promoting the development of enterprises.

Hardware – the modern class-A commercial building looks magnificent and elegant

The office building of the Group headquarters – Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza at No. 789 Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai, is located in the connection point of Huaihai and Xuhui, two major commercial centers; it is the mature class-A office building of Shanghai’s commercial center circle. As a gathering place of Shanghai humanistic spirit, it concentrated Shanghai Library, churches, Xu Guangqi Park, Hengshan Road Bar Street, Xujiahui Park and Xuhui middle school and other landmarks. Within a five-minute walk, dozens of bus lines are available ; metro Line 7 and Line 9 are only one step beyond the Plaza; Hengshan Road Station and Xujiahui Station of metro Line 1, and Dongan Road Station of Line 4 are only 10-minute walk away from the Plaza. It only takes about 10 minutes driving to the fly-over crossing and about 30 minutes to the Hongqiao Airport from the Plaza.

The plaza has provided staff with a good working environment and a business platform to fully enjoy the convenience of the industry information exchange. Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza is the first to introduce the advanced comprehensive international asset management concept, import the concept of energy management, and fully adopt the advanced high-tech network management technology widely used in Europe and the United States. The one-on-one distinguished special services allow enterprise employees to be more at ease in the operation.

Software - the soft power of the corporate culture is becoming increasingly apparent

In order to disseminate corporate culture and form a shared value of staff to promote the steady development of the enterprise with the soft power, the Group has built and opened the "Cultural Corridor", "Cultural Ladder", "Party Member Activity Room", "JuneYao Entrepreneurship Exhibition Hall"; chose through public appraisal the "Outstanding Builders of the Century-Old Enterprise” in the Group, held regularly Executives Salon and Reading Party and other activities; through the effective dissemination of the social media, the Group's website, "JuneYao News" and "Ruyi Space-time", a good public image of a private enterprises has been established. The Group has also undertaken the work of the field study teaching of China Pudong Executive Leadership Academy (JuneYao), opening a window for people of all circles at home and abroad to understand China's private economic development and social responsibility.

The Group always adheres to the “Global Compact” commitment and the requirements of China Society for the Promotion of Guangcai Program (CSPGP) and take the initiative to provide assistance for the disaster areas and poverty-stricken areas and provide sponsors to social welfare activities in various forms; it also increases investment in the central region of China to form a new industrial chain and has established a Education Fund in the western areas. Party members actively participated in the special Party Membership Dues donations to show love to the people of disaster areas. The spiritual civilization construction of the Group is steadily advancing. The Group has been awarded successively the "China Charity Award", "Advanced Unit of National Private Enterprise Ideological and Political Work", “Shanghai Model Unit", "Shanghai May First Labor Award”, "Shanghai Corporate Culture Construction Demonstration Site,” Party Building Work Demonstration Site of Shanghai Private Enterprises" and so on.