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Basic information

In June 2004, under the care and assistance from officials of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and the Shanghai Social Affairs Committee (CPC), JuneYao Group set up the first Party Committee subject to administration by Shanghai Social Affairs Committee (CPC) in the whole city, Xinhua News Agency said: JuneYao Group set up private enterprise Party Committee of the highest "grade" in China.

Over the past ten plus years, in the macro party construction pattern of an international metropolitan city, JuneYao Party Committee marched with the times, and developed “Fixed barrack”. The number of party members grew by 12 folds to reach 1320; it set up 5 party committees, 52 party (general) branches. It honored the commitment of “The party’s organization and the party’s work will go to where the business develops”. In the aspect of cadre allocation, based on the criteria of "Willingness, ability, and prestige", it selected outstanding administrative cadres to act as chief persons of party organizations at all levels, developed party affair workers team consisting of full-time, part-time and volunteer workers who complement each other.

The Group’s Party Committee actively and voluntarily bring out the party organization’s political guidance role in enterprise development and its core function in political thinking work for employees in work, while taking into consideration the enterprise’s actual development, it actively practiced and innovated new approaches, new routes for party construction work, gradually developed institutional systems, including: "One service three satisfactions", "four combinations", "five inclusions", “ten detailed rules” etc, which constitute a package of work concepts and methods with JuneYao characteristics conforming to requirements of party construction work in the new era.


Honors received by the Group’s Party Committee throughout the years:

2005  Demonstration spot of Party Construction Work for Shanghai non-public enterprises

2005  Model unit of national private enterprise ideological political work

2005  Five-good Party Organizations of Shanghai Non public Enterprise

2008  On-site teaching venue of China Executive Leadership Academy, Pudong

2010  Shanghai Corporate Culture Construction Demonstration Base

2011  National Non-public Enterprise “Dual Strength Top 100” Party Organization


Individuals (Collectives) being awarded honors through recommendation by the Party Committee (the list is incomplete) :

China Guangcai Program Medal: Wang Junjin (2012)

Hubei Youth May 4th Gold Medal: Wang Junhao (2007)

Shanghai Outstanding CPC Member: Jia Yong (JuneYao Airlines, 2010)

Shanghai Model Worker: Feng Chuan (JuneYao Creativity, 2007)

Shanghai “March Eighth” Red Banner Holder: Yin Qian (JuneYao Group Headquarters, 2005), Wang Weiyi (flight service company, 2007), Rong Jing (JuneYao Airlines, 2010), Yu Ling (JuneYao Airlines, 2015) 

Shanghai May First Labor Award Certificate: Flight Department of JuneYao Airlines

Shanghai Model Unit: JuneYao International Plaza, JuneYao Airlines

Shanghai “Two New” Organization Outstanding Party Member, Shanghai “Two New” Organization Outstanding Party Affairs Worker honors.