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Basic information

In February 2005, based on the SGH [2005] No. 1 Document “Reply on Setting up JuneYao Group Trade Union” by the Shanghai Municipal Social Sector Trade Union Work Committee, JuneYao Group Trade Union was formally founded, JuneYao Group Trade Union Committee was elected by the member congress.


Over the past ten plus years, according to work requirement of “Trade Union sets up organizations and performs functions where the Group business develops”, it actively propelled full coverage of Trade Union organization and work for new units, up till now the Group has 4 trade unions, percentage of staff membership reached 100%.

The Group’s Trade Union closely revolves around enterprise development targets, follows the guideline of serving the enterprise, serves employees, and safeguards employees’ lawful rights, enhances the enterprise’s democratic management and style construction, fully mobilizes employees’ initiative to take part in Trade Union activity, and plays a role of bridge and tie between enterprise and employees.

Under the leadership of the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, and Shanghai Social Sector Trade Union, with care and help from the Group’s party committee, Group Trade Union carried out work independently according to law and regulations. Each year it organizes and convenes workers’ congress, improves employees’ initiative in participating in enterprise management; the Trade Union’s organization structure is becoming increasingly developed, through democratic election, 11 committee members were elected, who are respectively in charge of labor, law, democracy, organization, female worker, propaganda & culture & sport, and life; the Trade Union actively safeguards workers’ rights and interests, established and improved labor contract system, Trade Union expenditure full-amount allocation system, and “Must Aid & Must Visit” poverty-alleviation consolation system; it organized cultural and sport activities in diversified forms and with rich contents, improved employees’ satisfaction degree through a variety of channels, and tried everything possible to create cozy “home” culture.