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Basic information

Innovation is an inexhaustible motive of JuneYao’s sustainable development, while young people of JuneYao are the main part of the innovation. Young employees’ business philosophy of spreading services and creating a better life closely links the personal development with the enterprise development to contribute to the JuneYao’s efforts of becoming a century-old modern service enterprise and to realize their life value with the development of the enterprise, to become the future intangible assets of the enterprise.

At present where JuneYao Group is transforming fully to the modern service industry, youth league organizations should consider how to pinpoint their position to serve the enterprise development and serve the innovation in the youth. The Youth League Committee of the JuneYao Group has built a large number of league members and league organizations with competence and vitality in the work of recent years, and through promotion of league building, these members have played a fighting forts role in serving the enterprise and serving the youth. To build an innovative corporate youth cultural atmosphere is another central task of the youth league committee of the Group, the purpose is to plant the innovation genes into the heart of every youth, so that more young talent will be emerging.

Currently, the Youth League Committee of JuneYao Group is composed of 5 league branches, namely the General branch of the Group, Airlines League Branch, Real Estate League Branch, Culture League Branch and Dairy League Branch. The Youth League Committee has secretary, deputy secretary, the organization member, publicity member and entertainment & sports member. Under the concerns and guidance of the upper level youth league organization and the party committee of the Group, it has cultivated active participants for joining the party members; it also actively participates in various activities of the party committee. The Youth League Committee of JuneYao Group has won the titles of Excellent League Organization, the Pace-setter in the New Long March of Nanhui District; the Youth League committee also organizes Group’s essay contest, photo contest, New Year annual meeting, sports meetings and other activities.