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Shanghai Huarui Bank Co., Ltd (“Shanghai Huarui Bank ”) is one of the first batch of five pilot private banks nationwide, with a registered capital of RMB 3 billion yuan, initiated by Shanghai JuneYao (Group) Co., Ltd in collaboration with more than 10 private enterprises in Shanghai headed by Shanghai Metersbonwe Fashion & Accessories Co., Ltd. On September 26, 2014, it received setup approval from the China Banking Regulatory Commission, on January 27, 2015 it received approval for opening, on February 16 it started trial operation, on May 23 it formally started operation.

Originating in the new era of reform, and starting from Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Shanghai Huarui Bank adopts “Constant Renewal, Century Huarui” as enterprise vision, and believes in honesty and stability for enduring business, reform and progress for constant innovation, dedicated to becoming a century enterprise with enduring foundation; shouldering the corporate mission of “attentive service, smart creation”, it advocates new thinking, relies on new technology, and boost new economy, focusing on serving small and micro enterprises and the common mass, it serves customers attentively with professional wisdom, supports real economy with business wisdom, propels social progress with revolutionary wisdom. It considers “honesty, stability, innovation and accountability” as corporate values.

Shanghai Huarui Bank strategically focuses on “Three services”: Actively serving the common mass, striving to become “intimate bank for small and micro enterprises and the public”; actively serving scientific and technological innovation, striving to become “growth partner of scientific innovation oriented SME enterprises”; actively serving the Free Trade Reform, striving to become “cross-border financial service assistant for Free Trade Zone enterprises”.

Meanwhile, Shanghai Huarui Bank focused on strengthening “three ability” construction: Create innovative technology application ability represented by “Internet +”, explore the construction of “technology-guided bank”; develop innovative risk control ability based on big data credit, explore the construction of “smart risk controlled bank”; create innovative financial service ability oriented toward asset management, explore the construction of “asset management oriented bank”.

Better service, Better life.