Celebration ceremony for JuneYao Group's 20th anniversary

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Famous Entrepreneurs Discuss Road to Century Enterprise in Shanghai
ReleaseDate: 2011-09-20

After over 30 years of accumulation through Reform and Opening up, while continuing to create wealth for the society, Chinese private-owned enterprises are now facing a crucial moment for next-generation inheritance, innovation and breakthrough; the political and business circles have begun to explore the topic of how to construct century old enterprise.

On September 25, the “Road for Century-old Enterprises” Summit Forum, an event hosted by JuneYao Group and JuneYao Airlines, and co-organized by China Entrepreneur Club, Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Bureau News & Information Center, and the “Life of Wealth” Program of First Financial TV Channel, was held ceremoniously in Pudong, Shanghai. This Forum intends to make a further in-depth and effective study of the experience and bottleneck for the development of Chinese private-owned enterprises, share wisdom in enterprise growth, explore the road for the century-long growth of Chinese enterprises, discuss ways of enterprise inheritance, innovation and breakthrough, in order to promote sustained and healthy development of private-owned economy.

The forum activity was hosted by finance media journalist Wu Xiaobo, author of “Marvelous 30 Years”. Wang Xinkui, Chairman of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Zhou Yupeng, Chairman of Shanghai Services Federation, attended the Forum and delivered address. Entrepreneurs including Liu Chuanzhi (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lenovo Group), Sammy Lee (Managing Director of Lee Kum Kee Group Co., Ltd), Wang Junjin (Chairman of JuneYao Group), and Ma Weihua (Governor and CEO of China Merchants Bank) attended the Forum and delivered address.

Wang Xinkui, Chairman of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, delivered speech on behalf of the attending delegates of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, he said: “The development of Chinese private economy has entered a brand-new and most favorable historical new stage. In the face of complicated and ever-changing international situations and new trends and new problems in domestic economic development, in the face of a development environment where the society is demanding increasingly higher requirements on the economic contribution, social responsibility and self image from private-owned enterprises, I sincerely hope our entrepreneurs could, through the discussion at multiple stages in this Forum, earnestly harvest beneficial accomplishments for promoting scientific development of enterprises, and actively apply them to some key fields and crucial steps such as innovation motivation, and transformation development. We shall take bold steps to pioneer reform, take action, and make breakthroughs, in order to lay down solid foundation for the enterprise to acquire the initiative for future development. Meanwhile, I also hope you could vigorously carry forward the spirit of an outstanding builder of socialism with Chinese characteristics represented by ‘patriotism, professionalism, credibility, law abidance, contribution’, and make new contributions to promoting scientific development, and promoting social harmony.”

Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lenovo Group, delivered the keynote speech entitled “Lenovo wants to become a family enterprise without family” at the Forum. He said: “I always hope to develop Lenovo into a ‘family enterprise without family’, ‘without family’ means no blood relationship, instead it can ensure enterprise continuity through mechanism and culture; on the other hand, ‘Family enterprise’ means the top management of the company must have the heart for entrepreneurship, ‘deem the enterprise as its lifeblood’”. Up till now, Lenovo has developed a complete “three key factors for management”, including leadership setup, strategy determination and organization structure.

Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group and one of the representatives of China’s family enterprises, said June Yao Group was willing to act as the explorer of China’s ‘century-old enterprise’. He said: “Over the past 30 plus years since Reform and Opening up, Chinese private-owned enterprises displayed an overall trend of rapid development, the peak of every round of development is closely associated with the introduction of major policies by the Party and the state government, and every progress is the result of grasping development opportunity; the understanding of general trend of the global and economic trend determines an enterprise’s growth speed and even the chance of survival.”

He argued that from a broader view of macro policies, the development of private economy benefited from our party’s theoretical innovation, and from socialism with Chinese characteristics. Without the party’s theoretical innovation, there would be no development for the private economy, and the development would be short-lived even if there is any development. Without socialism with Chinese characteristics, there would be no market-oriented resource allocation, nor tremendous achievements from today’s private economy. In the future, the transformation and sustainable development of private economy still cannot be separated from these two basic points. At the Forum he urged entrepreneurs to move with the tide, timely grasp opportunities, take bold steps to face challenges, respond to the government’s policies and calls with the reaction typical of an enterprise, become trailblazers for China’s economic development, and become pioneers in the development of Chinese private-owned enterprises.

Wang Junjin said that private-enterprises must have consistent ambition and long-term vision in order to develop continuity, strength, and excellence; follow the trend to grasp the pulse of the age, and foster adhesion to become a good corporate citizen; the three aspects are mutually dependent, and each one of them is indispensable.

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JuneYao Group donated 20 million yuan to support education in West China

In the evening of September 25, at the thank-you dinner banquet for the 20th anniversary of JuneYao Group and the 5th inception anniversary of JuneYao Airlines, JuneYao Group announced to donate 20 million yuan to Shanghai Society for the Promotion of the Guangcai Program. Yang Xiaodu, Chairman of Shanghai Society for the Promotion of the Guangcai Program, accepted the donation from Chairman of JuneYao Group Wang Junjin on behalf of Shanghai Society for the Promotion of the Guangcai Program. The donation will be mainly used to support education undertakings in Xinjiang’s Kashgar and other areas.

According to related data, since its inception in 1991, JuneYao Group has invested over 100 million yuan in various public welfare activities and charity undertakings: In 2000, it helped Three Gorges Reservoir migrants find jobs by implementing “10,000 households dairy cow breeding plan”; in 2003, the Group donated 10 million yuan to set up a 5 year long “JuneYao Fund for Graduate Students Volunteer Plan in Western China”; in 2008 after the Wenchuan Earthquake it donated a total of 6.50 million yuan in money and goods; in 2009 after Taiwan typhoon disaster, it donated 1 million yuan; in 2010, Qinghai Yushu Earthquake: it donated milk valued at 1.26 million yuan, and 1 million yuan in cash; in 2010, it donated 2 million yuan to set up “JuneYao Education Award” in Xuhui District, Shanghai; in 2011 it donated 2 million yuan in Dujiangyan, Sichuan to set up “JuneYao Education Award”……

As an enterprise dedicated to becoming excellent company and outstanding corporate citizen, JuneYao Group consistently adhered to on the company philosophy of “JuneYao is ours, and it also belongs to the society”.