JuneYao Airlines has kicked “Smile and Greeting” activity

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Smile Delivers Genuine Warmth, Satisfaction at JuneYao Airlines
ReleaseDate: 2011-11-28

Since August this year, JuneYao Airlines has kicked off a 4-month long “Smile and Greeting” activity on frontline service posts, over 1,000 JuneYao Airlines employees participated in the activity. Since its start 2 months ago, the activity received positive feedback from consumers; each day more than 100 consumers will join the activity to select the “Smiling Star” in their eyes.

This time JuneYao Airlines unfolded a “Smile” themed special activity in the hope to deliver JuneYao Airlines’ service concept of “Smile delivers genuine warmth, satisfaction at JuneYao Airlines” by commending a group of “Smile Stars” and “Model Teams”. To this end, the company has specially appointed a leadership team, which made elaborate arrangements for the planning, training, execution, appraisal, and supervision steps of the activity.

During the activity period, the reporter visited the ticketing office directly subordinate to JuneYao Airlines Customer Center located on the first floor of Shanghai JuneYao International Plaza; this is the company’s foremost frontline window to face customers. The reporter saw all staff members of the ticketing office are wearing smile service badge. On one side of the ticketing counter there is a selection display rack for this time’s “Smile” activity, passengers can attach an “Auspicious Cloud Smiling Face” to the staff members whom they feel satisfied with, these “smiling faces” will become important foundation in the assessment of service personnel.

According to staff members from the Business Department of JuneYao Airlines, this time’s “Smile” activity also drafted and implemented an activity plan with the special theme of “Bringing warmth to customers with smile, improving marketing performance through service”, which requested all staff members in the ticketing office to receive every passenger with proactive, voluntary, energetic and enthusiastic attitude, provide services to passengers in a patient, attentive and meticulous manner, and truly implement attentive service in each detail by focusing on smile.

A passenger is posting “Auspicious Cloud Smiling Face” onto the “Smile” activity display stand for superior service personnel.