JuneYao Group Convenes the 1st Workers’ Congress

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Ensure all workers share fruits of corporate development
ReleaseDate: 2013-11-26

On June 19, JuneYao Group & Juneyao Airlines convened the 1st Workers Congress (“Workers’ Congress) in the main conference room of JuneYao Airlines which was attended by more than 200 workers’ representatives. The Report on Administrative Work of JuneYao Group 2012 delivered by President Wang Junhao on behalf of the Board of Directors was discussed and deliberated at the congress, and the Collective Contract and Special Collective Contract on Protection of Women Workers’ Rights and Interests of JuneYao Group 2013-2014 as well as the Collective Contract and Special Collective Contract on Protection of Women Workers’ Rights and Interests of JuneYao Airlines 2013-2014 were signed at the congress.

Gu Zengguang, Chairman of JuneYao Group Labor Union, presided over the congress, and Yuan Jianguo, Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Social Work Party Committee and Chairman of the Social System Labor Union, Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group, Chen Li, Secretary of the JuneYao Group Party Committee, as well as other leaders attended the congress and delivered speeches.

The congress was unveiled by solemn national song sung by all representatives. President Wang Junhao, on behalf of the Board of Directors, mainly reported the administrative work of the group in 2012 and reviewed work highlights since the group’s transformation. In his report, JuneYao Group made innovations while adjusting development and achieved growth while pursuing transformation and development in 2012. Oriented at modern service industry, it adjusted industrial structure, strengthened principal business, increased incomes and reduced expenditures, enhanced core competitiveness and achieved fast yet steady growth. In 2012, JuneYao Group realized operating revenues of RMB1.48 billion, an increase of 12% over the previous year, and its comprehensive strength reached to a new height. The report also summarized lessons and experience of JuneYao Group since its transformation, put forward several tasks to achieve sustained transformation, development and new breakthrough in 2013, and called all workers to participate in corporate production, operation and management with a sense of “being master”, devote to the construction of “century-old shop” in international modern service industry and make arduous efforts to make the group satisfy customers, employees, shareholders and society!

Zhu Hongyan, Vice Chairwoman of JuneYao Group Labor Union and General Manager of JuneYao Airlines Party Department, gave “Introductions to Draft and Consultations of Collective Contract and Special Collective Contract on Protection of Rights and Interests of Women Workers” at the congress on behalf of the Party Committee and Labor Union of JuneYao Group and JuneYao Airlines. JuneYao Group Chairman Wang Junjin and Labor Union Chairman Gu Zengguang signed the Collective Contract and Special Collective Contract on Protection of Women Workers’ Rights and Interests of JuneYao Group 2013-2014. Meanwhile, Zhao Hongliang, President of JuneYao Airlines, and Jia Zhenxiu, Chairman of JuneYao Airlines Labor Union, signed the Collective Contract and Special Collective Contract on Protection of Women Workers’ Rights and Interests of JuneYao Airlines 2013-2014.

As stated by Yuan Jianguo in his speech, the 1st Workers’ Congress of JuneYao Group and JuneYao Airlines represented a concrete action of upholding the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and implementing workers’ congress system. Enterprises should wholeheartedly depend on workers, unit and bring together workers and give full play to their role of main force, strengthen grassroots democratic political construction, improve the democratic management system of making routine affairs public that is compatible with modern corporate system and effectively safeguard the democratic rights and interests of workers. We must proceed from plasticizing, safeguarding and developing various rights and interest of workers and focus on addressing most direct and most realistic issues that workers concern most to ensure all workers share fruits of corporate reform and development.

JuneYao Group Chairman Wang Junjin stated in his speech that the workers’ congress was established to implement the cultural connotation of sense of “being master”. The core elements of sustainable corporate development and century-old enterprise are to put people first and arouse enthusiasm of all workers. Humanistic care is very important between enterprise and employees in addition to contractual relationship. We must let workers know and participate in the long-term development plan and short-term objectives of the enterprise so they will work confidently not blindly. An enterprise will achieve better development as long as its workers participate in long-term development plan and offer advices and suggestions on how to improve competitiveness and efficiency. Therefore, workers’ congress plays a very significant role in corporate development in the future.

“Today we finished a historical action in a short period. We prepared for the congress for more than one year, but it will exert everlasting influence and certainly add glory to the whole process of our century-old enterprise. The congress is very short, but its significance will show as time passes by,” said Chen Li. Meanwhile, he also pointed out all workers will benefit from good corporate development and corporate services.

(From left) Gu Zengguang, Chen Li, Yuan Jianguo, Wang Junjin, Zhao Hongliang and Jia Zhenxiu were seated on the rostrum.