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JuneYao Group: Concrete Sustainable Social Responsibility
ReleaseDate: 2013-11-26

In 2006, JuneYao Group joined hands with 11 well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises with a good sense of social responsibility to jointly initiate the Chinese Federation of Corporate Social Responsibility and call the enterprises to build into entities of sustainable development and become contributors of harmonious society instead of simply understanding corporate social responsibility as donation and public-welfare undertaking.

Has JuneYao Group become a model and vanguard in advancing corporate social responsibility growth and development in China as it promised over the past six years? At present, the China Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking was published in Shanghai. JuneYao Group won the Outstanding Enterprise Award of the ranking by comprehensive evaluation on “harmonious relationship performance, staff care performance, environmental responsibility performance, social benefit performance and economic responsibility performance.

According to JuneYao Group Chairman Wang Junjin, enterprise is a cell of society, and to become a beneficial cell promoting social development, JuneYao Group must firstly maintain sound and steady development, offer job opportunities and pay taxes, secondly create valuable products and services for the society and thirdly continue to make investments in education and promote social progress.

Primary responsibility of offering job opportunities and paying taxes

“For enterprises, social responsibility is firstly embodied in steady and sound operation and offering more job opportunities. The main businesses of Juneyao Group are air transportation and commercial retail. We firstly embody social responsibility in these two business sectors. We pay adequate taxes to the state and pay taxes. Our taxes keep growing at an annual rate of 20% or so and we roughly absorb 500-700 labors every year.” said Chen Li, Secretary of JuneYao Group Party Committee.

It is learned JuneYao Group has implemented a series of strategic actions since 2005, comprehensively integrated and improved its original businesses, clearly defined “modern service industry” as core and devoted to building an international century-old enterprise of modern service industry.

Under the leadership of Wang Junjin, JuneYao Group expanded operation and improved internal management in various industries to bring its comprehensive strength to a new height in recent years. In 2011, JuneYao Group realized operating revenues of RMB1.3.2 billion, paid taxes of RMB940 million and employed 752 new workers. At present, the group and its subsidiaries employ over 7,750 workers nationwide.

Creation of valuable products and services for the society

JuneYao Group used to be an enterprise that aimed to make JuneYao milk available to more people many years ago, but now its business segments significantly transforms towards modern service industry.

At present, JuneYao Group has built two primary business segments of air transportation and marketing services. For air transportation segment, different from other private enterprises appearing as low cost airlines in the market, affiliated JuneYao Airlines is positioned at attracting middle- and high-end passengers with value-added services and generates profits for five consecutive years based on safe and high-quality services. Its differentiated services are widely recognized by the society and passengers. According to the airlines service evaluation report published by for the first time, JuneYao Airlines ranked the 3rd place among “Best Airlines”. As stated in the JuneYao Group’s 12th Five-year Plan period, JuneYao Airlines will increase its airplanes from 30 to 50 and will open more air routes based on existing 40-plus routes to contribute to pivotal port construction in Shanghai.

In recent years, Wuxi Commercial Mansion Group has improved retail grade and developed from a traditional commercial enterprise of single operation and single business type into a dynamic commercial enterprise group that is based on Grand Orient Corporation (600327), integrates department store sale, auto sales and services and food & catering and covers general merchandise retail, auto dealership, chain stores for household appliances, supermarket, import and export trade, catering services, e-commerce and other new business types.

JuneYao Group develops cultural industry from nothing and becomes the largest operator of derivatives of top-class domestic competitions (events). It spreads essences of Chinese culture, builds the industrial model of sustainable development and successively became producer and distributor of licensed products of the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, senior sponsor of the Shanghai World Expo 2010, global partner of Xi'an International Horticultural Exposition 2011 as well as a partner of top-class events such as NBA, F1 and FIFA in China.

Food and beverage represent a traditional business of marketing services of JuneYao Group which is the first enterprise developing and producing long-acting sterilized milk in plastic bottle in China. The enterprise focuses on R&D and marketing instead of production. In recent years, JuneYao Group optimized the operation model of dairy products and developed milk beverage products of independent intellectual property right such as Werdery, Milka and Ultraman by leveraging its brand advantages.

JuneYao Group has maintained steady and sound growth against the backdrop of global financial crisis.

Devotion to education to continue social responsibility

One ideal of Wang Junjin is to “operate a century-old shop” and the other one is to run “a famous century-old” school because education is a renewable social responsibility.

In 2005, in response to the implementation of comprehensive education reform in an all-round way and strategic decision of basic education modernization put forward by the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Shanghai Municipal Government, JuneYao Group invested in education undertaking and participated in education reform by Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School and Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School which were restructured into private schools. Elaborate school running becomes a new channel for JuneYao Group to devote to social welfare and innovates public-welfare model. Wang Junjin integrated the idea of “famous century-old school” into education undertaking and guided schools to combine Chinese and western education concepts in a hope to make helpful explorations on education reform and train patriotic world-minded international talents by means of explorations and practices of the two schools.

Of course investments in education by JuneYao Group are not confined to the two schools. It also established “JuneYao Education Award” Scholarship and Teachers Fund respectively in Xuhui District in Shanghai and Dujiangyan in Sichuan Province to continue to contribute to national education undertaking by training and encouraging excellent teachers. In addition, numerous awards and funds encouraging outstanding teachers and young talents such as the Fund for College Student Volunteer Services in Western China Program and the Sino-US Outstanding Youth Training Program were set up thanks to donations by JuneYao Group.

Investments of hundreds of millions yuan in public benefit and charity

JuneYao Group has always actively undertaken the responsibility of assisting and helping the weak and oppressed while being committed to industrial development. It successively invested hundreds of millions yuan in various public-benefit activities and charities. For example, during the Great Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008, JuneYao Group joined hands with Fosun Group, Jet Li One Foundation, Chinese Federation of Corporate Social Responsibility, Oriental Morning Post and other enterprises, media and social non-profit organizations to voluntarily transport lifting jacks, drugs, tents, foods and other badly needed materials to disaster-hit areas, building an air rescue route and making donations of RMB6.5 million.

JuneYao Group donated RMB1 million for the windstorm disaster in Taiwan on August 8, 2009. JuneYao Group donated 20,000 boxes of milk worthy RMB1.26 million and contributed money of RMB1 million for the earthquake in Yushu, Qinghai Province on April 14, 2010. In 2011, it contributed RMB20 million to the Shanghai Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program which would be mainly used to support education development and Sino-US Outstanding Youth Training Program in Kashgar, Xinjiang and other areas. In 2012, JuneYao Group donated RMB1 million to the China Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program to support the development of public-welfare programs in Ningxia and Yanbian…

JuneYao Airlines initiated the Lucky Travel public-benefit activities for many consecutive years, including Qingdao Hand in Hand Charity Activity, Shanghai-Hubei Love Activity, Dujiangyan Hand in Hand Activity and Little Moon Activity of Rescuing Disaster-Affected Children in Sichuan…

JuneYao Group has offered paired assistance and help to Zhanglian Village, Liantang Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai for many years, and regularly sends stipends and consolation money to dozens of families in need and elderly persons of no family in Zhangjiabang and Zhangdong Neighborhoods in Xuhui District every year.

The group also actively participates in development of central regions. It built demonstration pastures and dairy production and processing bases in Three Gorges areas to solve re-employment for 1,000-plus migrants from Three Gorges area. It built JuneYao Jingjiang International Hotel to improve tourist industry chain in Three Gorges areas. What’s more, JuneYao Group participated in state-owned assets reform in Wuhan, made acquisition of former state-owned Wuhan Hanyang Real Estate Company and restructured it into private JuneYao Real Estate Company, and undertook local reconstruction of old city and construction of economically affordable housing.

“The social responsibility of JuneYao Group is concrete. We make our resources and abilities available to the whole society from multiple dimensions,” expressed Chen Li, Secretary of JuneYao Group Party Committee. To be specific, our goal is to satisfy customers, employees, shareholders and society in a balanced way.

JuneYao Group Chairman Wang Junjin delivered his award speech.