Wang Junjin as a Deputy to NPC and CPPCC for Political Deliberation

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Wang Junjin Proposes to Set up the Reform Watchdog committee
ReleaseDate: 2013-11-26

[Media Report]

Excerpt from on March 6, 2013

China Business Radio reported that NPC deputy and JuneYao Group Chairman Wang Junjin proposed to set up the Reform Watchdog Committee. According to Wang Junjin, policies promulgated in the past years stimulated private investments, but failed to generate expected effects, and private investments still have many access obstacles. Many insignificant administrative examinations and approvals were sorted out during the campaign last year.

Wang Junjin said the key to reform in difficult later stage is to further reduce tighter administrative examinations and approvals and implement policies of relaxing control over private investments. To this end, Wang Junjin advised the central government to set up the Reform Watchdog Committee to supervise reform results and encage power by system. Relevant examination and approval authorities must prepare an annual summary report including the contents and role of examination and approval and submit the report to the Reform Watchdog Committee and the NPC deputies for deliberation, in a bid to fully energize private investments.