Create a Famous Century-old School One of World Class

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Create a Famous Century-old School One of World Class
ReleaseDate: 2013-11-29

November witnessed the 20th anniversary of the founding of Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School (WFLPS), for which a 20th-anniversary celebration was held on Nov. 15. Along with visiting guests and members of the alumni association and family association, the school looked back on its 20-year development from a special school created privately and assisted by the government to an international education brand featuring Chinese and foreign courses, along which 3 transformations and self-transcendences were particularly worth pride.

Since its creation in 1993, WFLPS has gone through 3 development stages: first is the first 7 years from groundbreaking work to burgeoning development, in which it experienced the hardships of a foreign language-featuring school’s startup; second is the following 5 years for its leap from “rooted in Shanghai” to “facing the world”, and initial formation of an international education brand; the third is its transformation to become a privately run school thanks to JuneYao Group’s participation in WFLPS’ development, which helped the school’s amazing change, not only in ownership, but also in its goal to build a century-old famous school, an excellent school combing essences of Chinese and foreign education.

WFLPS’ 20-year development is accompanied by innovation and pursuit of dreams—its has developed from its early-year domestic operation to multinational operation with introduced IB courses which laid the foundation for creation of a PYP Department and the first Chinese-run PYP school in China, from the early scale of 4 classes to today’s 53 classes in southern and northern campuses with over 1,500 students, from the traditional pattern of “teaching by teachers and listening by students” to

students’ active participation in classroom practice to cultivate their questioning spirit and independent thinking ability; specifical IPAD teaching, 3D printing at classroom, pottery, cooking and other relevant programs are introduced to develop both their knowledge and comprehensive ability.

At the 20th-anniversary celebration held on Nov. 15, Mr. Wang Junjin, Chairman of JuneYao Group and WFLPS solemnly promised to “Create a Famous Century-old School, One of World Class”. Secretary Wang Maogong of the CPC Work Committee of Xuhui District Education Bureau expressed his hope for the school to keep its active and marching momentum along its new journey to become a “century-old famous school”, and use its courage and wisdom to provide better experience for the transformation and development of Xuhui District’s education work, and more and better educational exploration for serving the teachers and students, to help students’ growth. Wang Xiaoping, Executive Vice President of WFLPS extended thanks to all the school’s faculty members and students, and people from all walks of life, and jointly declared with all former directors of family association establishment of WFLPS Student Parent Association.

Representatives of WFLPS alumni returned to their alma mater to participate in the celebration, and they recalled their campus life and shared their interesting memories. A series of sports events, like “slam-dunk ace” and “soccer world” were held by all the students of WFLPS to celebrate the school’s 20th birthday in a dynamic way.


Pictures: In the celebration, guests and school leaders celebrated together the 20th birthday of WFLPS.