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The Culture of “Home” is A Common Value
ReleaseDate: 2012-01-28

In recent years, many entrepreneurs were considering and exploring the ways to create a kind of superior corporate culture, which could strengthen cohesion, and unify determination to reach common goal. Starting form the beginning of last year, the Group has mentioned “Home” culture on many occasions, but it has not given enough explanations, nor have employees gained full understanding of the concept, some even mistaken “Home” culture for “family culture”.

Needless to say, creating a corporate “Home” culture stresses practical reality instead of virtual dreams. “Home” culture building does not stop at shouting slogans, and starting a campaign. It requires the enterprise to make overall planning from material level, system level and spiritual level; and reflect the intangible with the tangible, reinforce the tangible with the intangible. However, each enterprise’s “Home” culture building must adapt itself to industry features, geographical features, and product features, and formulate cultural characteristics different from other enterprises to the maximum possible degree. As far as JuneYao Group is concerned, “Home” Culture’s meaning at least covers the following points:

Firstly, master culture to advocate dedication and loyalty.Secondly, performance culture to strive for excellence.Thirdly, mutual aid culture to pass on personal experience.Fourthly, incentive culture with fairness, justice and integrity. Fifthly, team culture with creativity and execution ability. Sixthly, harmonious culture with humanity and cohesion.

The core of JuneYao “Home” Culture is to let all JuneYao employees become a member of the “Home”, and master of the “Home”, let all employees become designer, builder, administrator and beneficiary of the JuneYao “century-old enterprise”. Last year, JuneYao Airlines set up a two-way salary system, which ensured that the system setup could produce a technical post whose salary is even higher than that of department manager; also the Group is dedicated to creating an enterprise management system which “promotes the capable, demotes the incompetent, and removes the mediocre”.

Of course, “Home” Culture should highlight such a rule: without “mutual aid”, a scattered team bis merely a pile of loose sand; without “innovation”, a conservative team will only become a gathering of fools; without “persistence”, the execution ability of a feeble-minded team will be greatly compromised, and become the loser; without correct “self awareness” of the employees, a team without individuality is no more than a bamboo cage of confinement.

JuneYao “Home” Culture is our common outlook on value, and as a culture construction initiative with strategic significance, in the New Year it needs every JuneYao employee to pool strengths and contribute concerted efforts.