Wang Junhao Attended 4th Northeast Asian Economic Cooperation Forum
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

On September 1, the 4th Northeast Asian Economic Cooperation Forum which is organized by UNIDO and Organizing Committee opened in Changchun, Jilin Province. 14 senior officials and SOE delegations from UN institutions, IFC, national and local governments of Northeast Asia addressed the conference.

Mr. Wang Junhao, vice chairman of JuneYao Group as well as co-chairman of Greater Tumen Business Advisory committee, made a speech with the theme of “Playing the role of private enterprises”. He pointed that there were many opportunities and increasingly apparent investment values in Northeast Asia area. He also suggested that enterprises in Northeast Asia can cooperate to develop some certain project. Meanwhile, the chamber should play an important role to promote the cooperative partnership of private enterprises while establishing an information channel.

It is reported that on the basis of giving prominence to the principles of Northeast Asian cooperation, prosperity of Northeast Old Industrial Bases and the development of Tumen area, the 4th Northeast Asian Economic Cooperation Forum carried out discussion centered by two international focused topics of “Greater Tumen Sub-area Initiative” and “Northeastern revival and opening up”.