JuneYao Creativity Develops NBA Licensed Products
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

After JuneYao Creativity officially signing contract with NBA and establishing cooperative partnership, Shanghai JuneYao Creativity Co., Ltd. is responsible for the designing, researching and production of NBA licensed stationeries and stuffed toys as well as establishing marketing channel in China.

Through several repeated communications with NBA licensed products department, JuneYao Creativity firstly accomplished the terminal image designing of NBA STORE in China and the formulation of regulations. According to this regulation, on July 15 NBA ceremoniously opened its first brand store in Beijing World Trade Plaza, which is the second one in the world.

Meanwhile, the brand planning and product designing teams had accomplished marketing analysis, category positioning and systematic positioning work for the two major kinds products of NBA licensed stationeries and stuffed toys. The work was implemented professionally and efficiently so as to get the admiration of NBA China and New York Head Offices.

Leaning upon the research on consumption market, interview to the basketball fans, NBA network questionnaire and official interview in several typical cities in China, JuneYao Creativity has fixed the ultimate position of NBA licensed products retail stores, which is to “provide the most pure and complete shopping space of NBA products for customers to experience”. JuneYao Creativity is dedicated to demonstrate NBA spirits and basketball culture via designing of the terminal stores and service procedures, and to stimulate consumers’ imagination by means of services, transferring consumers' focus on events to products purchasing. With the shopping experience of licensed products, it interprets NBA’s rich culture to the customers from multi-angles.

Simultaneously, JuneYao Creativity plans four major product categories “LOVE NBA”, “Legend” “Mascot” and “STAR” from perspective of stationeries and toy products according to the consumption motivation analysis of different consumer bases. The introduction of these four categories will break the limitation of a small number of NBA licensed dresses and basketball star souvenirs in current domestic market, offering choices of more specifications, styles and practicability to extensive fans and basketball enthusiasts. In light of development plan, the first batch of toy products will be put on the market in October this year. Stationery products will successively follow in November. At that time, NBA STORE will present a more colorful and attractive NBA licensed products world to customers.

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From July 15th, the NBA STORE in Beijing World Trade Plaza has received warm public responses and credit market reflections. In July, the store reached more than RMB100, 000 sales amount and average RMB12, 000 sales volumes per day. In August, it had 460,000 sales amount in excess 50% of expected goal. On the sales billboard, fans vests and T-shirt were sold best. Besides, wallets and picture frames were sold well, too. Team dress of “US Dream” was especially welcomed during the Olympics Game.