Expo Licensed Jade Collection Memento on Sale
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

Recently, a set of Expo licensed jade collection memento has been on sale. This memento contains Beijing Olympic designing soul which continuously follows the theme of Shanghai World Expo.

After Expo mascot “Hai Bao” formally showing up at the end of last year, the public has been concerning increasingly about Expo licensed products. At the time of Expo 600-day countdown, this set of memento adopts traditional auspicious pattern based on traditional culture and characteristic folk art – paper-cuts and applies mixture of jade and gild paper-cut contribute to this high-end collection in the theme of shanghai Expo “Understanding, Gathering, Interacting and Cooperating", which is available in only 5,000 copies.

"Jade Collection memento" contains one cloud-grain emerald assembly and four gild flower-bird paper-cuts. Emerald, symbol of wisdom and wealth, is recognized as the world jewel. It has very high value due to the limits of resource and productivity. Just as the idea that emerald is the emblem of traditional luck, gild flower-bird paper-cut is a permanent memory exclusively belonging to Shanghai Expo. It blends Chinese calligraphy, painting and sculptor into a unity, concentrating traditional philosophy of Chinese culture. The paper-cuts all elaborately created by masters of Arts craft, respectively themed by “Peace dove with olive leaf”, “Be radiant with joy” and “A match made in heaven”. In particular, a part of paper-cut was made by complicated handwork.