Shanghai’s Businesses Funded Schools in Dujiangyan
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

From September 18th to 19th, Chen Li, the Group’s CPC Committee Secretary and Vice President joined on behalf of Juneyao, the delegation of Shanghai’s private business entrepreneurs to have a survey in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province. The activity was led by Ji Xiaodong, the Deputy Head of Shanghai Municipal United Front Work Department and the Secretary of Business Association CPC Group, joined by persons in charge from 18 companies. The main goal was to hold the ceremony of school fund donation. On July 20th, Shanghai Guangcai Day, Juneyao's Chairman decided to help the 106 students in the earthquake-stricken area with a donation of RMB550,000 from all workers and the Chairman himself. As a seriously-stricken place, Dujiangyan was apportioned to Shanghai for aids. The businessperson representatives of this trip, who were from the some 50 companies involved, donated a total of over RMB8 million to more than 1600 middle school students there. The governmental officials of Dujiangyan, Chengdu and Sichuan all extended warm gratitude to the timely assistance.

On the 18th, the survey delegation flied from Pudong Airport to Chengdu. In the afternoon, the members surveyed the disaster-stricken Hongkou Town and heard a presentation on the investment conditions and post-disaster reconstruction plan of Dujiangyan. On the next day, they visited the Dujiangyan Middle School and Shanghai Reconstruction Headquarter. The trip was highlighted when the donation ceremony was held at the Hall of Dujiangyan Middle School, where the officials of Sichuan Business Association and Dujiangyan Municipal Government were involved. During the ceremony, fund cards were handed over from donators to donate student representatives. At the end of the ceremony, the Head of Dujiangyan Municipal United Front Work Department, who was also the Standing Member of the Municipal CPC Committee, conferred an award banner to the delegation in return and Mr. Ji Xiaodong gave a speech triggering applause.