Always Safe, Perfect and Refined Juneyao Airlines, Two Years Old
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

With its first flight on September 25th, 2006, Juneyao Airlines has bought 8 Airbus 320-series aircrafts which represent the latest international technology. With the philosophy of “providing considerate service”, it has relied on precise industrial analysis and marketing positioning to develop market opportunities from the networks of large and middle air operators, targeting the high consumers such as business and leisure travelers. Now it has enabled round routes between Shanghai and over 30 other cities. Based in Hongqiao and Pudong Airports, it has greatly facilitated the business and leisure trips between Shanghai and other cities. Safe trip and considerate service

Since its inception, Juneyao Airlines has adhered to the policy of “safety priority based on preventive measures” to integrate into the main program of work the goal of safety operator. By continuous improvement system, it has strictly and practically implemented the measures. By demonstrating the system in actual practice, it has done well in upgrading safety infrastructural facilities and strengthened administration over safety efforts, added preventive posts and improved safety factors. Borrowing advanced management experience from other operators, it has enhanced the reaction ability against emergencies. Particularly, it has revised in turn the Safety Operation Handbook of Juneyao Airlines, the Proposals of Handling Hazards in Emergencies, the Proposals of Handling Epidemic Irregular Flight Situations and other procedures of handling accidental public events, further improving the construction of emergency rescue system. Catering to the new characteristics of domestic and international air trips, it has specifically organized drillings against epidemic diseases and hijackers. By carrying out specific safety rectification and initiating the construction of Safety Management System (SMS), it has realized the consistent safety operation records. March, 2008, Juneyao Airlines was appraised as one of the Safety Model Units by Shanghai CPC Committee of Socio-Economic Work and Shanghai General Management Committee of Social Security; July, it passed smoothly the safety inspection by CAAC.

Over the last two years, Juneyao Airlines has stuck to the requirements of advocating cohesion, development and harmony and actively carried out the program of “Special Branch” which well caters to the actual industrial characteristics. Its Cabin Department and Business Department have combined the branch construction with the efforts of enhancing service awareness, capacity and brand image; the Pilot Department has focused on the non-accident theme in branch construction. By advocating the business core values, Juneyao has helped improve employees’ sense of family building a harmonious corporate atmosphere; besides, encouraging the Cabin Culture of sincerity, goodness, beauty and care, it has built up common values, interests and care between the company, employees, passengers and the society, shouldering its due social responsibility while achieving economic benefit; furthermore, it has consistently followed the philosophy of considerate service with the motto of unremittingly seeking for passengers’ satisfaction, to continuously upgrade brand image with non-defect service, creating a positive social image as China’s another significant landmark in the sky. March, 2008, its Cabin Department was conferred Shanghai May Labor Medal by Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions; Users Satisfaction Award in the national civil aviation assessment by passengers; one steward was awarded the title of Shanghai Service Star of Users Satisfaction; another one was granted the title of the 9th Shanghai Excellent Youth Worker.

Pioneer concepts with new breakthroughs

With the business philosophy of safe, perfect and refined service, Juneyao Airlines has successively introduced a variety of special services, focusing on quality customer service with top priority; it has enabled the hotline 95520 in both English and Chinese, offering one-stop travel support and unique inquiry service; it has fully optimized its portal website with abundant information and wonderful layout, which best please and facilitate customers in self-service ticket booking; it has also provided a range of functions such as online payment system supporting different kinds of customers, seamless transit service, special on-board service, special passengers care and free pet transportation, all of which prove the company’s determination to develop the brand of considerate service. With sincerity and great service, it has been well acclaimed by passengers. In the activity of 2007 Shanghai Service Star of Users Satisfaction by Shanghai Quality Association, Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, Shanghai Committee of Communist Youth League and Shanghai Women League, Juneyao Airlines was conferred the honorary title of Shanghai Service Star; March, 2008, it was granted by the Users Work Committee of CAAC the Users Satisfaction Award, which followed the Most Potential Award it achieved on the Announcing Ceremony of China’s Top 100 New Enterprises.

Persisting in middle and high service belief, Juneyao Airlines has further developed the service products including 360°Luxury First Class. Aiming for enhancing service quality, it has consistently addressed itself to developing new products for the middle and high customer base, seeking for member passengers’ recognition by the advantageous Regular Passenger Program. Since the launch of Regular Passenger Program in November, 2007, Juneyao has initiated the brand new air consumption concept of buying tickets with mileage points. By August, 2008, it had developed some 140000 regular members. Unlike others, it created three unique features in the Regular Program: by the concept of point-cash equivalence, a passenger may enjoy discounts in buying flight tickets and presents; the equivalence between 1 point and 1 yuan was introduced to passengers to enhance the transparency of mileage awarding system; the points-connected discounts are linked to market prices, where members may have access to more awards in a different marketing period with same points. Such a Regular Program by Juneyao Airlines symbolized a new air service stage. As a result, it was conferred the Users Satisfaction Quality Award of 100000 Passengers Assessment of Civil Aviation. In addition, June 16th, 2008, the Group’s Chairman Wang Junjin signed with Mr. Chen Yongzheng, the CEO of NBA China a cooperative agreement, which nominated Juneyao Airlines as the air transport operator for NBA China.

Orientated to passengers’ demands and their satisfaction, the company has stuck to the goals of safety, quality and features, as well as the brand service of on-board meals. It has developed various meal combinations catering to different regions and flight periods, changing the traditional fixed styles and offering a variety of choices branded as Juneyao. It is going to introduce online order service for on-board meals.

Motivated to contribute to the society

With its fast and sound development, Juneyao Airlines has advocated the corporate culture of contributing to the society, seeking for various ways to involve in social welfare, poverty relief and philanthropy causes with unremitting efforts.

In the recent years, it has carried out a number of public welfare activities, which reflected its determination and belief to contribute to the society. It took part in various activities related to poverty relief, students sponsoring and philanthropic social welfare undertakings. March, 2007, for example, it successfully organized the Juneyao Trip: Hand in Hand, where 31 acoustically disabled children from Qingdao flied to Shanghai by Juneyao's flight and involved a series of public welfare activities; July of the same year, it smoothly held the paired aids activity of Hand in Hand Summer Camping of Middle and Primary School Students from Shanghai and Hubei, where 41 ethnic students good in study and character who lived in the remote areas of Hubei Province received assistance.

After the Sichuan Earthquake, Chairman Wan Junjin urged all the employees to support the relief and reconstruction efforts specifically. The whole Group together with Juneyao Airlines and the subsidiaries raised a fund of about RMB4 million for the disaster-stricken area and donated its 2010 Expo franchised products and stationary to the students there through Shanghai Charity Foundation with an amount of some RMB200000; moreover, it spontaneously took the heavy work to transport the relief goods to the disastrous area. At Chengdu Airport where aftershocks were frequent, its workers at the Chengdu Business Department stayed day after day at their posts and actively communicated with passengers, scared of nothing about the threats. The unique purpose was to help passengers to withdraw or transfer flight tickets which were affected by the epidemic delay at Chengdu Airport due to the earthquake.

Designated goal: better and stronger

With its first base in Shanghai, Juneyao Airlines are building its second base, Wenzhou Branch. By 2010, it will have over 20 aircrafts and will open international flights appropriately with more domestic hot lines and particularly some lines which are not available in Shanghai now. The world-expected 2010 EXPO will be a critical opportunity for Juneyao Airlines to speed up its development, after which the company will create China-US and other international lines.

Becoming better and stronger is the company’s development direction. With its first 5-year plan undergoing, it has worked out the second. Following the sound schemes, it is demonstrating its goal of developing into an international air line company in 5 to 10 years.

Year 2008 is the first year since the successful 17th NPC and 2010 will attract the world’s attention by the Expo. In these years, China’s national economy will remain fast in growth. As the 2010 World Expo is brining huge development opportunities to the tertiary industry including aviation, tourism and commerce, Juneyao Airlines are to embrace an unprecedented strategic stage. The company’s management believes that it will realize stable development through the national governmental support, enhanced industrial mechanism, guidance of CAAC and its continuous great efforts. By well following Shanghai’s urban positioning as a metropolis and actively reinforcing the urban transportation planning and construction, Juneyao Airlines are working as an indispensable supplementary force to Shanghais' international transport hub and is committed to build an air brand catering to the market and passengers.