Lovely Haibao “An Offer You Cannot Refuse” 200 Souvenirs from JuneYao Waiting for World Expo Visitors
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

With just a little over 500 days, the much anticipated World Expo will be held in Shanghai, by the time what kind of tourism souvenirs do we offer to thousands of visitors from both home and abroad? Yesterday, as one of the senior sponsors for the production of World Expo logo franchised products, JuneYao Group came up with the answer: over 200 innovative products already launched into market and more follow-up articles will present the visitors with “an offer they cannot refuse”.

Haibao is the mascot of Shanghai World Expo, and naturally the key of World Expo franchised products designed by JuneYao. At the end of last year, JuneYao introduced a New Year Haibao toy, lovely Haibao, coupled with holiday flavored traditional Chinese red suit, plus little dancing crackers in the hands of Haibao, all of which heralded flaming days in the upcoming year. This toy was very popular among citizens soon after it was launched; many parents came to the franchised store with their children. Grasping the occasion of fast sale on the market, JuneYao also introduced New Year Haibao innovative packaging event, and called for people to “go in for recycling”, by using paper board to make packaging bag to experience the taste of “green life”.

It has been learned that, recently JuneYao will also launch a new batch of Haibao toy series. And this time the designers will make the Haibao image more lively and attractive through adding extra plush quantity and highlighting the toy’s finger details. Meanwhile, “Haibao in disguise” will also make its debut, its appearance will make up for the lack of interaction with consumers in previous Haibao toys, through fanciful and interesting clothing, and sensual appeal consistent with modern life, it will enhance consumers’ anticipation toward the World Expo.

In addition to Haibao toys, JuneYao also designs and develops many ingenious exquisite souvenirs to carry World Expo concepts and spirits. For instance, a set of badges with 4 types of patterns in the shape of clothing, bowl, house and wheel, which on the one hand represents China’s long history of civilization with vivid symbolic language, on the other hand it also forms the digits of “2010”, fully displaying the theme of “Better city, Better life”. There is also a thermo sensitive mug, which looks ordinary enough at first glance, but when added with hot water, the previously dim mug body will become gorgeously colorful to depict the wonderful Shanghai landscape, thus bringing an intimate experience of Shanghai’s glamour to the user.

According to introduction, in September of last year, JuneYao (Group) Co. Ltd signed contract with the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination to become one of the first batch of senior sponsor of Shanghai World Expo, and take charge of the development and production of productions in 6 major categories of household glassware, household ceramic ware, household metal products, toys, gifts and bags and suitcase. For more than one year, JuneYao designed over 200 franchised products, which were offered for sale in 25 World Expo franchised shops. It has been learned that, on the 500th countdown date of the World Expo, JuneYao Group will also introduce another batch of souvenirs, which, apart from inheriting the exquisite innovative design and excellent craftsmanship typical of the first batch of products, also has achieved breakthroughs in both form and technique, meanwhile the miniature model of China Exhibition Hall will also be available for open sale. Before the opening of World Expo, the number of products developed by JuneYao will top one thousand mark, which are sufficient to meet the needs of the Expo visitors. (From Jiefang Daily October 15, 2008, Reporter: Wang Zhiyan)