The 4th JuneYao Group Great Party Buildup Meeting Opened – Set up feature branch and bring out the role of party member
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

On November 19, the 4th Great Party Buildup Meeting of the Group was held in Shanghai.

The meeting was divided into morning session and afternoon session. In the morning, participants came to Shanghai General Motor Company, and visited the whole production line of the General Motor Company, afterwards they communicated with the party committee of the General Motor. Secretary Chen Li expressed appreciation to the warm reception given by General Motor, and mentioned that, JuneYao Group and General Motor both belonged to the first batch of field teaching spots of the Pudong Cadre College, despite the difference in enterprise nature, they had many common ground on the aspect of party buildup work, such party buildup communication was very valuable. It was hoped that mutual visit could become a regular practice; as a fast developing POE enterprise, JuneYao Group urgently needed to absorb and explore good practices of fellow companies, learn more experiences from others, and promote the enterprise development through party buildup work.

In the afternoon, meeting participants came to JuneYao Airlines. Zhao Hongliang, Managing Deputy President, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of JuneYao Airlines, Chen Chang, secretary of the Party Committee of Wuxi Commercial Mansion, Li Le An, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wuhan JuneYao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Jia Zhenxiu, Vice President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of JuneYao Airlines, exchanged opinions on party buildup work.

Secretary Chen Li delivered a summary speech. He proposed three suggestions. Firstly, against the macro background of social reform, diverse culture, and enterprise transformation, party buildup must be continually strengthened. The party buildup work in all subsidiaries must fulfill the target of identical objective, identical action, and identical interests, in order to achieve the ultimate objective for enterprise development; Secondly, in view of the status quo of currently inadequate party buildup work in POE enterprises, we must be able to break away with the established values and evaluation system, return to reality, think how to combine the functions of party members with personal business, individual interests and company interests; Thirdly, in the spring next year we will unfold the activity of studying the outlook on scientific development. How to regard it? How to interpret it? How to combine it with work? From now on we will start to consider these issues. Each unit is required to think over two issues before the end of the year: One is the buildup of feature branch, with the focus placed on definite target, clear procedure, real-time follow-up, summary and improvement; another is targeted at each party member, who is required to do one practical thing to the people in difficulty, think over one issue, erect one banner, and provide effectively service to work for the enterprise.

Gu Zengguang, Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, Wu Dawei and Pang Linyun, member of the party committee, and Financial Supervisor Jiang Hailong attended the meeting.