JuneYao Airlines carried the seriously ill orphan “Small Moon” from Wenchuan Disaster Area to Shanghai for medical treatment
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

On November 4, “Small Moon”, a 4-year-old fatally ill child patient with severe congenital heart disease who came from Pengzhou, a city in the main afflicted area of Wenchuan Earthquake, boarded HO1120 flight of JuneYao Airlines to leave for Shanghai from Chengdu to receive medical treatment under the escort of cardiac-thoracic physicians.

In consideration of the fact that the passenger was a congenital heart disease child patient, who was in worrisome physical conditions, in order to ensure the safe, punctual and efficient fulfillment of this flight mission with life saving and public welfare significance, relevant transport and service departments of JuneYao Airlines attached great importance to the flight task, and painstakingly organized and deployed all steps in the transport process.

Passenger transport personnel in the Business Department of JuneYao Airlines voluntarily confirmed the physical conditions of “Small Moon” with local escorting doctors from Sichuan, and also meticulously custom made a patient transport service plan for “Small Moon”: They not only arranged whole course housekeeping service and wheelchair special escort for “Small Moon”, but also organized all-inclusive ground transport safeguard service including prioritized handling of consigned luggage, green boarding passage etc.

After learning of the deteriorating conditions of “Small Moon”, who were suffering from one or twice daily attack of asphyxia which was severely fatal, to help her ease any discomfort that might possibly occur during the flight, and overcome psychological anxiety caused by large number of people inside the cabin, the Passenger Cabin Department specially appointed a senior attendant who could speak Sichuan dialect to provide service in this flight. During the whole fight process, she accompanied Small Moon from the beginning till the end, and communicated with “Small Moon” in her native dialect. The attentive care offered by JuneYao Airlines earned admiration and praise from passengers on the same flight, who were so moved that they left behind a heavy stack of commendation message cards before departing the aircraft.

It has been learned that, the operation of “Small Moon” was carried out very successfully, and she was under recuperation in hospital at present; we look forward to seeing a healthy and happy “Small Moon” grow up and have a bright future.