JuneYao Airlines Awarded Best Team Prize in the Miss Internatioanl Aviation Contest
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01
        In the evening of November 8, The 3rd Miss International Aviation Contest 2008 was held in the studio of Zhuhai TV Station, after multiple rounds of competition in candidate performance, musical play, and individual presentation, the three participating air hostesses of JuneYao Airlines finally were awarded the highest total score thanks to their well-coordinated performance, which brought them the top team prize —— Best Team Prize.
   In the evening, a total of 24 air hostesses from 9 airlines in 4 countries presented a visual feast to the audience at the stage of Miss Aviation Contest. In addition to the Best Team Prize awarded to JuneYao Airlines, Bu Wenting from China United Airlines, Guo Fengting from Shanghai Airlines, and Arthitaya from Thai AirAsia were awarded the top, runner-up and third place respectively.