“Haibao Re-decorated” to Welcome the World Expo 500 Days Countdown
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

To welcome 500 days countdown of Shanghai World Expo, the Haibao designed and manufactured by JuneYao Creativity Company showed up in brand new image – urban life series. In the new series, Haibao changes itself into the common John Doe in the city, the designer impersonalizes Haibao to make it closer to life, removable doll garment and accessories greatly improve the interactivity with consumer, coupled with the unique expressions of each Haibao and gorgeously colorful garments, they vividly interpret the moods of all people living in the city.

In recent years hi-tech intelligent toys are becoming increasingly popular, which also heralds the future development trends of toys. “Dialogue-enabled Intelligent Haibao” thus rises to the occasion, it is mainly targeted at children aged 3 to 10. It not only has refreshing and pleasant appearance, but also integrates interactive voice communication, song, intelligent Q&A, and vibration sensation functions, by playing with the intelligent Haibao, children can exercise and enhance their language, logic, and communication abilities. It has become a Haibao which can play with you in the genuine sense.

It has been learned that, aside from the above key products, in this time a total of 61 new products in 4 major categories are marketed, which include toy collection, badge collection, pendant and accessory collection and commemorative coin collection, all these combine to enrich the existing World Expo franchised product structure to the maximum degree.