2008 Shanghai World Expo Sports Meet Ceremoniously Opened -- JuneYao Athletes Re-stage Their Charming Demeanor in Joining Hands to Advance
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

On December 14, 2008 World Expo Sports Meet was held at “Oriental Land” sport training base. A total of 16 delegations involving more than 2000 athletes attended this Sports Meet. The Sports Meet set up nine events including Table Tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Swimming, Dragon Boat Race, Tug of War, carnival, and Joining Hands to Advance.

As a member of the first batch of sponsors for Shanghai 2010 World Expo, this is the second time JuneYao Group attends the World Expo Sports Meet, last year, athletes and cheer team from JuneYao Group demonstrated excellent forward-looking teamwork to the public. This year, on the basis of learning lessons from past experience, JuneYao Group showed up on the field with more confidence. Some time earlier, the athletes attended the Second Zhejiang Businessmen Sports Meet, whose experience also served as a pre-match exercise for this Sports Meet.

JuneYao Group signed up to participate in all the athletic events of the World Expo Sports Meet. More than eighty athletes from the Group Headquarter, all business units and World Foreign Language Middle School and Primary School, with energetic vitality and enthusiastic spirits, competed hard, and displayed superior athletic ability and sportsmanship, finally, thanks to the close cooperation and joint efforts from all the participants, it was awarded the second place of “Joining Hands to Advance” event and “Outstanding Organization Prize” honors, again displayed the “Keen on innovation, transcending self” demeanor of JuneYao athletes.

It has been learned that, the them of this World Expo is “Successful, Splendid and Unforgettable”; the slogan was “Run a Successful World Expo to add Prestige to the Country”, the purpose of holding this Meet is to promote the friendship between Bureau of World Expo Affairs and World Expo global cooperation partners, bring forward the World Expo concept of “Better City, Better Life”, demonstrate the mental outlook of the Expo organizing team, and enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the Expo organizing team.