Heart at JuneYao, Join it Whole-heartedly Without Any Regret – Sidelights on Commemorating 30 Years Anniversary of Reform and Opening up cum 17 Years
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

In the afternoon of December 23, over 40 party members from all business operation sections of JuneYao Group, active party candidates and staff representatives, participated in the “Commemorating 30 Years of Reform and Opening up cum 17 Years JuneYao Foundation” discussion meeting. Long and hard recollection accompanied with endearing sentiments, enabled every one to feel the charm of corporate culture, every one believed in continual development of JuneYao Group, and cherished full confidence toward the future!

Group Party Secretary Chen Li presided over the meeting. He said that, the spring breeze of 30 years of Reform and Opening up invigorated the frozen land, and the seed of entrepreneurship sprouted immediately. In 1984, 18 year old Wang Junyao and 16 year old Wang Junjin started their career as salesman, after earning their first crock of gold, an audacious idea and persevering pursuit brought them to the starting point of a new enterprise, which continued to become a legend among the Chinese POE enterprises. Vice President Wang Junhao, Gu Zengguang, Deputy Secretary of the Party and Chairman of the Trade Union, Wu Dawei, member of the Party Committee and the chiefs of some business sections attended the meeting.

At the discussion meeting, Vice President Wang Junhao recounted his understanding of the enterprising experience and the Reform and Opening up. He first reviewed the hardship at the early stage of JuneYao founding fathers, starting from child labor in a small poverty-stricken fishing village, from the founding of the enterprise in 1984 through to 6 years accumulation, later the “Aiming as high as the sky” venture, till the current target of building up a “hundred year old shop” in the modern service industry, throughout all these years, there are three core factors for achieving success: Firstly, benefits from the grand policy of Reform and Opening up. In particular, the speech in his tour to the south in 1992 by Deng Xiaoping, secondly, benefits from the positive nurturing influence of family culture. His mother and father expounded behavior with clean conscience, all the three brothers committed it to heart, and adhered to the policy of doing honest business, it was exactly due to the persistence in sticking to these principles that today’s business could come into being. Finally, benefits from corporate culture. From its start till today in JuneYao’s history, the achievements are never the result of one person’s efforts; instead they are the outcome of hard work by all the staff members. By relying on team work, credibility and win-win concepts, a good enterprise will aim at acquiring satisfaction for the customer, employee, shareholder and the society, which is exactly the philosophy long cherished by JuneYao. Afterwards, Vice President Wang Junhao summarized the operations of the Group’s each business operation section in 2008, and proposed that in 2009 our key note for business operation was still “to survive the winter”, to ensure stable transition, and strive for growth to certain extent. Winter is a time of freezing cold, but it is also is the best time to temper one’s will power, and build up physique, only by undergoing the test of harsh winter can we prove our superior physique, after the winter passes, JuneYao Group will definitely witness considerable development, of which we have complete confidence!