Four Vigorous Pursuits & Four Major Improvements 2008, A Milestone Year for Wuxi Commercial Mansion
ReleaseDate: 2009-10-01

In 2008, the Commercial Mansion Group intensified efforts in achieving “four pursuits”, aiming at making new progress in “four improvements”, it is expected the Group will achieve sales income of 5,568,000,000 Yuan, up by 6.94% on a YoY basis, it is expected the Group will achieve whole year profit amount of 210,630,000 Yuan, up by 28.28% on a YoY basis, it is expected whole year pre-tax profits will be 303,000,000 Yuan, which set up a milestone in the history of enterprise development.

In terms of business operation, make sound headway in “Four Vigorous Pursuits”

(I) Grasp the opportunity of transformation of general merchandise, strive to refine service

(II) Grasp the opportunity of automobile upgrading, strive to expand

(III) Grasp the opportunity of food extension, strive to reach high quality

(IV) Grasp the opportunity of chain operation, strive to improve efficiency

In terms of achievements, reflect the evident results of four major improvements

(I) Focus on function, environment, and service, improve the quality of supporting elements

(II) Start from training, improve team quality

(III) Through investment, re-grouping and restructuring, improve asset quality

(IV) Center on benefits, employee satisfaction degree, and corporate culture, improve management quality